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Teacher Job Description 

John Hancock expects a high level of knowledge, skill, and preparation from teachers. In return, teachers are acknowledged and treated as professionals with an opportunity for continuous professional development, scheduled collaboration with colleagues, and the exercise of autonomy in their classrooms to meet the learning needs of students. Teachers are expected to manage all aspects of their classrooms including academic instruction, social skills, physical environment, monitoring, assessment, and communication with students and parents.

The Special Education Teacher will coordiante and provide developmentally appropriate educational services to students who abilities differ from their peers. 


  • Demonstrated knowledge and skill in teaching subject areas.

  • Utah Professional License (required)—in Special Education with two years of experience.

  • Support for the mission, vision curriculum, pedagogy, and model of John Hancock Charter School.

  • Teaching experience (preferred)—John Hancock will consider new teachers with respectable academic preparation.

  • Proven skills in communication, collaboration, and professionalism in teaching, another profession, or previous employment

 Physical Requirements
  • Must be able to stand, move, or walk throughout the school and classroom for prolonged periods.

  • Must be able to lift up to 45 pounds at time.

  • Must be able to help students who need physical assistance. 

  • Must be able to kneel, sit, stand, crawl, push, and pull to assist and teach children throughout the day.

  • Must be able to sit and work on a computer for prolonged periods. 



  • A teacher acknowledges and adheres to all standards of Professional and Ethical Conduct for Educators required by Utah law and Utah State Board of Education rule.

  • A teacher acknowledges and follows all policies and procedures of the Board of Directors of John Hancock Charter School.

  • A teacher adheres to the administrative policies and procedures established and required by John Hancock Charter School.

  • A teacher acts with responsibility, integrity, accountability, and excellence at all times while at John Hancock Charter School, at school-sponsored activities and events, and as required outside of school by the standards of professional conduct.

  • A teacher engages in appropriate work habits, including regular and punctual attendance, appropriate use of planning time, and support for colleagues. 

  • A teacher establishes and maintains collegial, cooperative relationships with other staff members.

  • A teacher assists with the overall operation of the school as necessary or as assigned by administration.

  • A teacher speaks of the school, colleagues, programs, student life, and employment positively to the school community and seeks redress of grievances through appropriate, structured channels.

Classroom Management

  • A teacher maintains an organized, clean classroom that has been arranged optimally for the delivery of classroom instruction, student collaboration, and student engagement.

  • A teacher is on time, available to greet students, and generally friendly and inviting.

  • A teacher develops reasonable rules of classroom behavior and appropriate management strategies that are consistently applied.

  • A teacher sets a tone of respect, support, and scholarship within the classroom setting.

  • A teacher takes reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials, and facilities. 

  • A teacher shares responsibility for the supervision of students in all areas of the school, during school activities, and throughout the facility as assigned. 

  • A teacher ensures that students are supervised when circumstances require a brief absence. 

  • A teacher implements social and behavior interventions for the class or specific students as needed.


Evaluation and Reporting


-  Conducts assessments, testing and diagnostic examinations of students for the purpose of identifying learning issues, and recommending courses of action or corrective procedures to overcome issues and maximize learning. 


-  Participates in PPT's and assists in developing Individual Educational Plans ("IEP") for students. 


-  Assists students and teaching staff in implementing students' IEP's and behavior management plans. 


-  Coordinates with outside agencies, organizations and institutions, including state and federal authorities as needed. 


-  Coordinates with administrators and other teaching staff members to ascertain individual student's abilities and needs, including students with special needs, and to familiarize stakeholders with social work services. 


-  Serves as ready resource to students and parents to provide counseling that will lead each student to increased personal growth, self-understanding, and behavioral management; serves as liaison between home and school. 


-  Continues to acquire professional knowledge and learn of current developments in the educational field by attending seminars, workshops or professional meetings, or by conducting research, and by maintaining professional relationships with members of institutions of higher learning and the business community. 


-  Organizes and maintains a system for accurate and complete record-keeping and providing student information to prospective colleges and employers, as required by district procedures and applicable laws. 


-  Encourages parental involvement in students' education and ensures effective communication with students and parents. 


-  Assists in the orientation of new teachers, and provides in-service training in guidance. 


-  Selects and requisitions appropriate books, aids and other supplies and equipment and maintains inventory records. 

Professional Development

  • A teacher completes the required professional development, activities, volunteering, and coursework to maintain licensure, endorsements, and other certifications.

  • A teacher sets and achieves annual professional goals in collaboration with administrators and in accordance with the stated professional goals of the school.

  • A teacher stays current on scholarship in subjects taught by attending conferences, researching, reading, and collaborating with subject-specific colleagues in and outside the school.

  • A teacher attends and participates in all professional development opportunities and activities provided by John Hancock Charter School.

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