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2024-2025 SCHOOL YEAR
The following position is open for application at this time and will remain open until filled:

Certified Athletic Trainer at Coweta Public Schools

Athletic Trainer position is a Lay Coach stipended position, but can be combined with a Certified Teaching Full Time Position. 

License and Certification: Certificate from the National Athletic Trainer's Association; License by Oklahoma State Board of Medical Licensure; CDL may be required depending upon responsibilities
Education: Bachelor's Degree
Terms of Employments: In compliance with Negotiated Contract and/or State Law. Salary to be established by the Board.
Evaluation: Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with Board Policy  
Certified Athletic Trainer Special Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities:
Communication Skills (oral, written, or business): Basic communication skills to exchange information, give/receive clear instructions and respond to inquiries. Includes filling out forms.
Reading and Interpreting: Reads and interprets written or printed materials such as medical records/charts, diagrams, instruction material.
Tools and Equipment Usage (other than keyboards, or office machines): Uses specialized equipment with expertise acquired through extensive experience and/or training. Such therapies include but not limited to cryotherapy, thermotherapy, hydrotherapy, ultrasonic therapies, pain management modalities, etc. Must be familiar with and use universal precautions.
Site: Various
Reports To: Athletic Director/Principal
Job Goal (Purpose of Position): Performs professional level preventive care and rehabilitation duties under minimal supervision to provide the prevention, care and rehabilitation of athletic-related injuries to the students. In addition, provides emergency first aid not only at athletic events but also at the assigned school sites.
Contact with Others: An incumbent in this position has regular contact by telephone or in-person with other members of the staff, medical community, and public to determine actual information needed.
Other Performance Measures: Successful performance of the job requires good customer service/people skills to work with the school, families of students and medical professionals. It requires following health and safety guidelines and policies in order that students and others including self are protected from accident or injury. It requires following Athletic Trainer (2 of 3) school dress standards, proper attendance or leave policies, and other work-habits concerns. Creativity, initiative, and effective problem solving are critical to the success of the position. In addition, must maintain a positive attitude and be cooperative toward other staff members, the public, and students within the educational system. 
1. Provides athletic trainer coverage for all home and away varsity football games. Provides coverage for all other home varsity events. Provides coverage for all home junior high school football games. Such coverage includes being at practices if possible and at games in case of injury.
2. Works with a supervising physician to ensure the best health care possible is provided. Works within the guidelines of the established protocol. Such protocol allows for primary injury assessment, emergency first aid, and transportation of injured. It also includes assisting doctor in criteria to release injured person to return to activity and to work with coaches on protective equipment/padding. It includes pre-season screening and developing conditioning programs.
3. Assumes responsibility for the maintenance and use of all therapeutic modalities under the trainer's charge.
4. Attends to the emergency first-aid needs of all students at the assigned school.
5. Establishes and supervises a student trainer program. The athletic trainer should keep current of all major advances in the field of sports medicine.
6. Serves as a consultant to students on topics that could affect their health or performance. Consults with coaches and players on matters pertaining to flexibility, conditioning, and other environmental conditions putting the athlete at risk. Must be able to keep on open/professional mind toward the purposes of the athletic program and the capabilities or limitations of the athlete.
7. Provides care and rehabilitation for all athletes under the trainer's charge. Under protocol, acts as a liaison between coaches, family, school personnel and the physician.
8. Orders all supplies and equipment needed for each school year.
9. Assist in providing for the physical examination of all athletes prior to the beginning of each season.
10. Performs other duties as assigned by the Athletic Director. Athletic Trainer (3 of 3)
11. Responsible for such items as transportation, meals, ambulance service, physician's services, scores and timers, public address system, pre-game and halftime activities.
12. Performs such other duties that might fall within his/her jurisdiction or which may be assigned to him/her by the Athletic Director, Principals, or Superintendent.
13. Reports all maintenance orders to the Athletic Director. Supervision exercised: An incumbent does not supervise other staff members but may be mentor to other non-certified trainers and student trainers.
Physical/Mental Requirements and Working Conditions: Employee's job requires frequent carrying/lifting to haul equipment to site; and occasional lifting of up to 100 pounds to transfer student on stretcher. Employee must possess manual dexterity/visual ability to operate vehicle/van, get to the various sites, and properly use/apply other modalities/therapies/equipment effectively. Employee must possess hearing/speaking ability to communicate with staff, athletes, and health care personnel, etc. Employee must use due concern to prevent the spread of infection. Employee will be subject to random drug test each year along with other employees working, in positions in which responsibilities and conditions could require them to transport students in school district vehicles. 

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