Teacher - Extended School Year (ESY)

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$30 per YEAR
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Early Childhood Development/Daycare
Special Education


Job Specifications: (Minimum knowledge, skills and abilities required)

The ESY Teacher is the instructional leader of a classroom of 14-20 students for summer extended school year qualifying students. The ESY teacher is responsible for organizing and implementing an instructional program to meet the needs of children identified as eligible for exceptional student education services ESY program and meeting the duties of teaching as outlined in laws and policies.

Job Responsibilities:


Designing the exceptional student education ESY program so that it is consistent with the total educational philosophy and goals of the student. Continuing professional growth through educational meetings, visiting related facilities, reading professional literature, and exchanging ideas among the district staff. Working in coordination with other ESE teachers in planning and developing the program. Programming:

Implementing, and evaluating an annual individual educational plan for each student based on individually assessed needs in accordance with district procedures for ESY. Using appropriate assessment instruments pertinent to areas of instruction. Preparing lesson plans for each student. Providing appropriate schedules for exceptional students, involving school personnel as required. Seeking a variety of services through community resources and agencies to meet the needs of exceptional students. Providing specialized instructional techniques through individual or group sessions designed to meet the needs of the students. Participating in the in-school staffing and screening processes as appropriate. Participating on evaluation teams for early childhood varying exceptionality students as appropriate. Planning and implementing self-care programs to provide direct assistance to students (including toileting, positioning, lifting, feeding, etc.). Planning and implementing a program to assemble, adjust, and maintain equipment used in the instructional program (includes adaptive equipment). Managing and supporting paraprofessionals as assigned. Public Relations:

Cooperating with school personnel in coordinating ESE services within the school. Developing and conducting an in-service program to inform classroom teachers of the goals and objectives of the ESE program and ways of achieving them in the school setting. Assisting with the provision of information to community groups and parents concerning ESE programs as requested. Conferring with other teachers concerning any educational needs of students identified as eligible for exceptional student education services. Reporting:

Ensuring that each student in the program has necessary evaluation records in his/her permanent folder. Completing progress reports for each student in the program. Supplying progress reports to school personnel and parents as necessary and requested. Completing reports for appropriate local and state educational agencies. Referring those students who require further evaluation or follow-up services to the appropriate school personnel or community agencies. Other responsibilities as directed by his/her immediate supervisor.

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