Building Custodian-Sloat Junior High School

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Non-Instructional Support


QUALIFICATIONS:  A High School Diploma, GED or Equivalent experience.  Must be able to stand/walk for 8 hours.  Job requires frequent bending, stooping, pushing, pulling and occasional squatting/crouching. Must be able to kneel, climb and reach above the shoulders. Job requires frequent carrying/lifting up to 24 pounds, occasionally up to 75 pounds. Must be able to move furniture or machines or carry boxes of books up to 100 pounds.  Must poses manual dexterity sufficient to operate a sweeper, vacuum and mop. Job requires exposure to toxic gas, fumes and dust from cleaning supplies, and sweeping.  Superintendent may approve appropriate and acceptable alternatives to the listed qualifications.
CONTRACT:  230 Days Per Year
WORKING HOURS:  8 hours per day
REPORTS TO: Building Principal
EVALUATED BY: Building Principal
SUPERVISES:  Does not supervise

  1. Vacuums, dusts, sweep and mop classrooms and halls daily.
  2. Cleans bathrooms daily. Maintains paper and supplies.
  3. Empties and relines trash cans daily.
  4. Picks up trash on building premises.
  5. Washes windows and blinds.
  6. Waxes floors and cleans carpets as necessary.
  7. Secures building at the end of the shift.
  8. Checks heating and air conditioning systems as necessary.
  9. Set thermostats during shift. 
  10. Perform any other duties assigned by the supervisor or Superintendent.

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Coweta School District I-17

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Donald P. Sloat Junior High School

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