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Revised 11/2023

Norman Public Schools

Educational Interpreter for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Job Description·

Job Title: Educational Interpreter for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Credentials: Oklahoma or National Registry of Interpreters Certification is preferred. An
educational interpreter must have completed one ·of the following. An
interpreter training program, or Obtained a bachelor's degree, or Worked three
or more years in an area related to the field of deaf education, which could
include interpreting in non-educational setting, such as church, etc., and In
addition to the above requirements, an educational interpreter must also
maintain one of the following:

1) Certification by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deal (RID), or
2) National Association for the Deaf (NAO) Level IV or better, or
3) Quality Assurance Screening Test ()QAST) Level Ill or better
4) National Council for Interpreters (NCI) Certification, or
5) Signed Exact English Level 3.5 or better, or
6) Educational Interpreters Proficiency Assessment (EIPA) Level 3.5 or better
in the area for which they are certified (elementary or secondary)

Education: High school diploma or GED; Interpreter training is required. A.A in American
Sign Language preferred. Refer to the above credentials.

Training or experience required: Previous work or volunteer experience with deaf or hard of hearing
students preferred.

Site: Special Services

Contract: 175 days

Salary Schedule: Sign Language Interpreter

FLSA Classification: Non-exempt

Essential Job Functions:
• Interpret and/or transliterate to facilitate communication between student(s) who are deaf
or hard of hearing and others including faculty, staff, administrators, other students or
visitors in the educational environment.
• Provide interpretation for the student(s) who are deaf or hard of hearing throughout the
educational environment, including: social and academic settings; direct and overheard
conversations; class instruction, lectures, tests, assemblies, field trips, club meetings
counseling sessions, athletic competitions; uncaptioned films, videos, and recordings;
emergency drills; miscellaneous auditory information.
• Work with the classroom teacher to become familiar in advance with the lesson content,
vocabulary, videos, and/or handouts in order to be prepared for communicating/signing
appropriate material to the student(s).
• Along with the classroom teacher, provide expansion, clarification and cultural mediation on
classroom assignments and throughout the educational environment.
• Attend faculty or team meetings if directed by the building Principal.
• Provide tutoring for the student who is deaf or hard of hearing under the direction of the
deaf and hard of hearing teacher.
• Operate and check equipment/assistive technology devices utilized by students who
are deaf or hard of hearing daily.
• Communicate information when necessary to the teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing.
• Upon request, may teach basic sign language concepts to staff, faculty, and/or other
students during non-interpreting periods of time to foster interaction between deaf and
hard of hearing students and their hearing peers within the educational environment.
• Perform other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:
Successful performance of the job requires good customer service/people skills and to handle
problems and provide information and technical assistance as requested. It requires complying
with safety. guidelines and policies to reduce accident or injury to staff or to students. It requires
following school dress standards, proper attendance or leave policies, and other work-habits
concerns for staff. Creativity, initiative and effective problem solving are critical to the success of
the position. Help manage the computerization of school district operations. Provide training and
support to district staff in the use of administrative computer systems. Perform such tasks to the
ultimate benefit of the educational program. An incumbent in this position will utilize discretion,
ingenuity and independent judgment due to the complexity of the job. Since there may be several
ways to solve a problem, an incumbent is free to choose the solution.

Effective 2023-2024 school year

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