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Instructional Support


John Hancock expects a high level of commitment and preparation from its
paraprofessional staff. Paraprofessionals have an opportunity for continuous
professional development and support from colleagues and administration as they seek
to obtain certification or licensure. Paraprofessionals work under the direction of the
Special Education Director or Supervising Teachers as they provide direct services to
students receiving special services, interventions, or tiered support.



  • High school graduation or GED.
  • Associate or bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • Demonstrated reliability and professionalism in previous employment.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with children and adults.
  • Ability to use computer and application software.
  • Willingness to learn to use educational applications.

Essential Responsibilities

  • Create a supportive, positive, and professional learning environment for all students.
  • Maintain professional confidentiality regarding student progress, physical or emotional limitations, the IEPs of specific students, interventions for specific students, discussing these only on a need-to-know basis in accordance with FERPA, accepted professional ethics, and state and federal laws.
  • Participate in training required by the Executive Director, Special Education Department, or direct Supervisor.
  • Maintain appropriate work habits, including regular and punctual attendance and appropriate use of conference and planning time.
  • In coordination with the direct supervisor, develop the skills necessary to provide instruction, academic support, behavioral interventions, and functional skills development to designated students.
  • Communicate data related to instruction, support, interventions, development of skills, and/or IEP or 504 compliance and requirements to appropriate teachers, supervisors, and administrators as directed.

Supporting Students and Teachers

  • Collaborate with the Special Education Director to provide specialized instruction and data collection for students as indicated in their IEPs.
  • Work alongside special education teachers, therapists, and other support personnel to teach children with emotional and behavior disorders, intellectual disabilities, problems with communication, or physical disabilities.
  • Work with children individually or in small groups under the supervision of a therapist or a special education teacher.
  • Work with classroom teachers to manage student behavior, with a focus on students receiving specialized instruction or tiered interventions.
  • Use a classroom management plan consistent with school-wide standards and the plan of the classroom teacher.
  • Assist in all areas of school operation as assigned; assignments may include but not be limited to pick-up and drop-off, recess, lunch, assemblies, field trips, and other responsibilities.
  • Act as a substitute when necessary or when the classroom teacher is temporarily unavailable.
  • Assist teachers with classroom instruction as assigned, including providing individualized instruction, working with small groups, teaching sections of lessons, and all other assignments consistent with school standards, IEPs, 504s, and tiered supports.
  • Support the classroom teacher in creating a safe, orderly, supportive learning environment.

Evaluation and Reporting

  • Provide student performance measurements using the school’s systems, records, and procedures as instructed.
  • Collect student data related to students’ individual academic, behavioral, and social goals.
  • Meet with parents as requested by teachers or administrators to discuss needs and progress of students.
  • Use effective oral and written language in all communication to colleagues, parents, and students.
  • Track services provided to specific students, and notify teachers of any services required by individualized programs or plans that have been missed
  • Provide accurate and timely reporting of employment and job related time tracking using the approved timesheet system.

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