Social Emotional Learning Specialist

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Purpose Statement

Provide direct and support services to enhance the social-emotional learning of students. Promote social-emotional development of all students by prevention and/or interventions of problems that interfere with the tasks of learning. Design and implement professional trainings and in-services to support the social and emotional learning for staff and parents. Utilize a layered approach of skills lessons, infusion into the curricula and classroom practices, and an environment of safety, respect, and caring which models SEL values. Collect and analyze data for program efficiency.

Essential Functions

  • Promote the integration of social and emotional learning education throughout school.
  • Provide leadership and training for implementation of programs.
  • Consult with principals and staff concerning the needs of students.
  •  Present social and emotional learning lessons to whole classes and small groups in accordance with curriculum identified by the district.
  •  Refer students to outside agencies when the scope of support is beyond the role of the Social Emotion Learning Specialist.
  • Complete and submit to the district the required data collection for analysis of program efficiency.
  •  Act as a liaison with families to educate them on their children’s social-emotional learning needs and interpret related family concerns to school personnel.
  • Provide social-emotional learning education/trainings for parents and community.
  •  Present professional development for school staff on social-emotional learning education for students  and on district SEL program goals and report requirements.
  •  Support teachers in teaching lessons from curricula by providing demonstration lessons in their classrooms, and co-facilitating lessons with the teacher.
  •  Assist school staff in the functional analysis of student behaviors, including assisting in gathering related information from parents/guardians.
  •  Assist school staff in the development of positive behavior supports and behavior interventions plans.
  •  Provide support to school and program-based behavior management plans.
  •  Provide support for the staff and students in the cross categorical social emotional classrooms through the implementation of the behavior model and social skills training. 
  •  Assist school staff in the development and implementation of mainstreaming plans for students in self-contained programs for behavior considerations.
  •  Assist with non-violent crisis intervention such as de-escalation and physical restraints.
  • Provide support services as a part of behavior plans for individual students.
  •  Serve on committees that provide services to students.
  • Serve as a member of the site crisis intervention team to assist in the management of acting-out behaviors as needed.
  •  Provide support to other campuses in the event of traumatic events.
  •  Maintain appropriate and required records on interactions with studentsand complete time sheets and backup reports as required by the district.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor or site administrator.

Job Requirements: Minimum Qualifications

1. Ability to analyze behavior, collaborates with adults, and develops positive relationships with students.

2. Possess skills in data collection, development of effective intervention plans, and implementation of positive behavior interventions and supports.

3. Evidence of experience and participation in professional development that supports the behavior development in students.


1. Master's Degree in counseling, social work, education, psychology, or a related field with an emphasis in behavior.

2. School experience.

3. Two years of experience working with students with behavior-related issues.

4. Current in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention training.

5. Comprehensive knowledge, understanding of and commitment to social and emotional learning (SEL).

6. Strong rapport with children, young people, and adults.

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