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Position Function:
Under the direct supervision of the Principal and Chief of Operations, performs general cleaning and maintenance in school buildings and grounds; maintains equipment in functional condition; and provides cleaning and custodial assistance to students, teachers, visitors and others as necessary. Performs related duties and general maintenance work as required.

Salary: $25,448.00- $37,526.00 (Based on years of experience)

Essential Functions:
  • Follow instructions regarding the use of chemicals and supplies. Use as directed. 
  • Checks and secures building at beginning and end of shift for the purpose of ensuring the safety and cleanliness of the building.
  • Cleans rooms, hallways, cafeterias, restrooms, offices, stairways, and other areas of building according to school district standards.
  • Sweeps, mops, buffs, strips, and waxes floors.
  • Use and maintain assigned power equipment and hand tools; buffers, auto scrubbers, extractors, high pressure washers, high speed buffers and vacuums, brooms, mops, and squeegees for the cleaning and general maintenance of floors, walls, carpets, furniture, etc. 
  • Cleans rugs, carpets, upholstered furniture, and blinds.
  • Washes walls, ceilings, woodwork, windows, doors, and sills.
  • Removes graffiti, cleans glass areas.
  • Complete work orders. 
  • Replaces light bulbs.
  • Sets up and breaks down chairs, tables and equipment in meeting rooms, and functional rooms.
  • Assist with setup of facilities for meetings, classrooms, conferences, events, etc. 
  • Clears snow from entrances and walks, and spreads sand and ice melting chemicals.
  • Performs grounds-keeping duties, clears debris and maintains grounds.
  • Receives deliveries and assists in unloading trucks and storing supplies.
  • Delivers supplies and materials to classrooms, bathrooms and other areas of the building.
  • Empties wastebaskets; picks up and removes trash and assists in recycling program.
  • Keep building and premises, including sidewalks, driveways, and play areas neat and clean at all times; keeps grounds free of litter, leaves, and other debris.
  • Wash walls and equipment; use ladders when required in work assignments. 
  •  Assume responsibility for the opening and closing of the building each school day and for determining, before leaving, that all doors and windows are secured, and all lights, except those left on for safety reasons, are turned off.
  • Lock and unlock assigned buildings: secure building when facilities are not in use checking for unlocked doors and windows, report any unauthorized occupants. 
  •  Remain on the school premises during school hours, and during non-school hours when the use of the building has been authorized and custodial presence is required by the principal.
  • Clean classrooms daily including vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting and washing.
  • Clean corridors after school each day, and during the day when their condition requires it; strip, wax, polish floors using mechanical equipment.
  • Wash and disinfect toilets, floors, sinks and drinking fountains daily.
  • Clean and sanitize restrooms, stock bathrooms with supplies.
  • Set clocks and replace batteries as needed. 
  • Wash all windows on both the inside and outside at least twice each year, and more frequently if necessary. Wash accessible interior and exterior windows. Clean blinds. Launder cleaning rags and dust mops. 
  • Clean all chalkboards at least once a week.
  • Replace light bulbs, tubes, starters, towels, soap and other supplies; unload and deliver supplies;refill restrooms dispensers.
  • Safely operate all vehicles and other job related equipment. 
  • Perform grounds duties such as grass cutting, tree trimming, and shrub pruning in order to maintain the school grounds in a safe and attractive condition; mulch shrubs; scrape and sand walks, driveways, parking areas and steps as weather requires.
  • Perform cleaning and related activities such as removing snow or debris from sidewalks and stairs in areas within 16 feet of buildings using hand-operated tools or small power equipment. 
  • Move heavy furniture or equipment within buildings as required for various activities and as directed by the principal.
  • Make minor building repairs and submit forms for more extensive repairs by division maintenance staff.
  • Monitor building safety and security.
  • Paint rooms and equipment; wash and repair furniture, lockers and other equipment.
  • Raise and lower the United States flag each day at the designated times of the school.
  • Comply with local laws and procedures for the storage and disposal of trash, rubbish, and wastes.
  • Attend safety meetings and other related meetings. 
  • Support and enforce all policies, governmental such as OSHA rules, school health and safety regulations, guidelines, etc. 
  • Take classes as required in cleaning methods and techniques, new products, First Aid/CPR/AED and working relationships. 
  • Take part in training on the use of equipment, cleaning procedures, and blood borne pathogens.
  • Report supply needs, areas in need of repair, and other problems promptly to the supervisor or building administrator.
  • Attend to emergencies when necessary. 
  • Any additional duties as assigned by the building principal.
Additional Duties:              
  • Performs general cleaning, and repair work, particularly during school vacations.
  • Assists parents and other visitors to school buildings with special events and programs.
  • Performs other related tasks as assigned by supervisor.
      Note:  The above description is illustrative of tasks and responsibilities.  It is not meant to be all inclusive of every task or responsibility.

Uses hand tools of trade and related power equipment, including brooms, mops, floor cleaning and waxing machines, vacuum cleaners, snow blowers, shovels, power mower and hand tools.

Safety Requirements
Follows all applicable safety rules, procedures and regulations governing the proper use of tools and power equipment used in the performance of duties.
Wears appropriate safety gear, including masks.
Must comply with school district's chemical hygiene program and follow MSDS sheets.

Travel Requirements
Occasional travel between schools, or between schools and central office, may be required.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • Ability to follow oral or written work orders from supervisor, and to coordinate work with principal and others.
  • Ability to read, write and speak English fluently.
  • Ability to describe orally or in writing cleaning, maintenance or repair problems as needed.
  • Ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with students, staff and others contacted in the course of work.
  • Ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide all units of measure.
  • Ability to work in poor weather conditions, including heat, cold, rain, or snow.
  • Ability to perform work according to standard procedures and schedule set forth by supervisor(s).
Physical and Mental Demands, Work Hazards
  • Works in standard office and school building environments.
  • Ability to work outdoors in inclement weather conditions.
  • Exposure to cleaning chemicals, solvents and contaminated trash, grasses, pollens, etc.
  • Have essential physical and mental capabilities in the following: Interpersonal skills, memory, attention to detail, follow directions, comprehension, calculating, reading, writing, speaking, evaluating, mathematics, organizing and innovation. 
See the Summary of Physical, Sensory and Environmental Requirements Needed to Perform Essential Job Duties for this position.

Qualifications Profile:
  • Any combination of education and experience providing the required skill and knowledge for successful performance would be qualifying.
Typical qualifications would be equivalent to:
  • High School Diploma or completion of sufficient education to successfully perform the duties of the position or GED.
  • Previous experience in building and cleaning maintenance desirable.
  • Virginia Motor Vehicle Operator's license or ability to provide own transportation.
  • Certificate of health signed by a licensed physician indicating physical ability to perform custodial tasks
  • Demonstrated skills to perform assigned responsibilities
  • Must be able to do strenuous manual tasks for long periods of time and be able to lift and move heavy boxes and furniture
  • Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable
FLSA Status:                       Non-exempt   12mo Full Time

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