Teachers Sought for Dynamic and Student-Centered Montessori Public Charter School

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Ignite Entrepreneurship Academy's innovative approach to teaching is grounded in Montessori, blended, and project-based learning. The mission of IEA is to promote entrepreneurial success through academic rigor, while creating a culture of creativity, collaboration, adaptability, accountability, communication, and problem-solving.

At Ignite Academy, we believe that students in the 21st century require an expanded skill set beyond acquiring knowledge that will prepare them to operate within new, innovative companies or pursue their own entrepreneurial opportunities. The future of Ignite Academy holds limitless possibilities as students are encouraged to innovate and explore.

We are looking for professionals who are excited to work in a unique charter school environment and who have at their core a deep appreciation for students. We expect our teachers to be leaders and to play an active role in realizing the school’s mission by building and shaping our school culture. IEA teachers will implement a high-quality, rigorous academic program that includes the Montessori methodology, blended learning, and the development of project-based, interdisciplinary units that lead students to demonstrate their understanding creatively and in a hands-on manner. Students thrive in a culture that promotes self-directed learning.

In this work, we: Prepare students to become productive and innovative citizens of the 21st century. Promote academic rigor and experiential learning to support and develop children’s natural intellectual curiosity. Embrace a hands-on and project-based learning approach. Develop each child’s potential to learn, explore, create, and problem-solve effectively. Reflect, welcome and celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship in our diverse community.

Responsibilities will include: Developing lessons and units of study that incorporate the multiple intelligences while incorporating the Montessori method, blended and project-based learning. Engaging in ongoing assessment of student progress using a variety of means, maintaining accurate records, and using assessment data to tailor instruction to individual student needs to increase student performance. Collaboratively planning with a grade team, co-teacher or associate teacher. Participating in extensive professional development activities, both internal (led by the directors, teachers and other trained consultants) and external (visiting similar schools, attending conferences, etc.). Maintaining frequent communication with students, students’ families, colleagues, and other school stakeholders.

*Competitive Salary and Benefits Offered * Hard-to-Beat Community of Support for Teachers and Students -Your dynamic support team will include: teacher assistant in every classroom, grade level collaborative team, team lead teacher, student support director, special education director, instructional coach, literacy/math specialist, counselor, and administrators

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