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Under the direction of the Principal and guidance of the licensed faculty, the Special Education Paraprofessional represents a broad grouping of varied positions providing instructional support, personal care and assistance to children in various programs and having varied special needs.  Positions assigned to this classification are expected to have gained or learned basic knowledge, skills and fundamentals of learning theory, child development, behavioral management/modification, and general instructional fundamentals in order to work in mainstream or special needs classrooms with groups of students or 1:1 in the areas of instructional reinforcement and student learning assistance.  Depending upon student needs, responsibilities and duties may involve assisting and guiding students in the reinforcement of academic classroom subjects, daily living skills, implementing behavioral plans and/or monitoring and enforcing appropriate behavior in accordance with instructional lesson plans and student IEP’s.  Positions assigned to this classification also provide assistance and support in terms of adapting regular classroom curriculum to the special needs of each student by clearly repeating directions at a level the student understands, encouraging cooperation in classroom activities, communicating expectations, and modifying tests or tasks into smaller steps, and assisting students with mobility, adaptive, or other special needs.  Positions assigned to this classification are expected to be “highly qualified” paraprofessional positions.

Essentail Duties

  • Reinforces and provides academic and classroom support in the learning of materials or skills introduced and provided by licensed/certified staff members in both individual (1:1) and small group settings.  Reinforces academics and skills based upon student’s IEP, needs, interests and abilities.  Works through assignments as prescribed.  Provides supplemental tutoring, guided practice and other instructionally relevant activities to students as directed by the supervising teacher(s).  Assists students with various academic and behavioral needs (i.e. autism, DCD, EBD, LD, OCD, ADD, ADHD, etc.).
  • Answers questions about tasks, simplifies and/or modifies assignments.
  • Monitors assignments provided by staff.
  • Alerts staff to any problems or special information concerning IEP student(s).
  • Assists with group educational activities that include IEP students.
  • Assists staff with classroom supervision.
  • Reinforces and re-teaches classroom academics to meet the individual needs and levels of the student and IEP.
  • Modifies grade level curriculum or assignments under the direction of special education or general education staff.
  • Assists students with homework and organizational skills.
  • Administers tests and quizzes to small groups of students.
  • Provides students with special needs, assistance in the performance of daily living skills (e.g. grooming, brushing teeth, toileting, assistance with clothing, eating, combing hair, nail grooming, etc.).Provides student(s) assistance with mobility and transport getting to/from different classrooms.
  • Assists staff in maintaining daily records, charts, folders or other information pertaining to the student’s day, activities, behaviors, issues and/or progress.
  • Meets with instructional staff to discuss student needs and student progress.Provides input and assists staff in identifying problems, concerns, issues on student progress.
  • Assists, observes, monitors and addresses student behavioral management issues.Assists staff in implementing IEP behavioral plans, reinforcing positive behaviors, re-directing student attention, assisting with de-escalating outbursts, follows and implements any behavioral plans detailed in IEP.   Models appropriate social skills and provides positive reinforcement for appropriate behaviors.
Pay per contract.
32.5 hours per week.

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