Preschool Curriculum and Instruction Specialist

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Non-Instructional Support


TITLE:                       Preschool Curriculum and Instruction Specialist
CLASSIFICATION:    Classified Exempt
REPORTS TO:           Director of Early Childhood and Early Literacy
The Curriculum and Instruction Specialist is responsible for supporting the appropriate implementation of the program’s philosophy, Foundational Guidelines and Individual Professional Development Plans. The Curriculum and Instruction Specialist uses a strength-based approach in coaching and training efforts and works in the spirit of collaboration with the Leadership Team to inform, dialogue and engage in proactive problem-solving efforts.

  1. In collaboration with the Director of Early Childhood and Early Literacy, engage in the process of observation, coaching, training, and side-by-side modeling of high quality preschool practices
  2. Provide strength-based feedback, helping teachers reflect on their practice while providing specific support for continued growth and professional development
  3. Work in partnership with the Instructional Coach to support professional development of all staff working in direct care of children
  4. Work directly with families, particularly when concerns arise regarding children’s educational experience
  5. Assist Early Childhood Director with the recruiting and retaining highly qualified instructional staff
  6. Assist in the development of a comprehensive orientation process for new hires
  7. Assist in creating systems and processes that encourage the development of a respectful, responsive, and reflective culture for children, families and staff
  8. Review weekly lesson plans and provide specific feedback to teachers to help strengthen their understanding of the significance of what opportunities/experiences are offered to children.
  9. Conduct regular walk through visits as well as formal and informal observations of all early childhood classrooms. Maintain specific observations/documentation for each visit/walk-through.
  10. Have extensive knowledge and stay abreast of current research in early childhood education, including but not limited to early brain development, curriculum approaches, developmentally appropriate practice, social and emotional development including resiliency, assessment, data analysis and planning, etc.
  11. Contribute to the development and/or refinement of the program philosophy, written guides, program foundational guidelines, forms, etc.
  12. Have an in-depth understanding of standard assessment tools including ECERS-R, CLASS & TSG.
  13. Attend all relevant meetings including, but not limited to, Leadership Team meetings, HS meetings/webinars, district meetings, EQUIP meetings, on-site staff meetings, and meetings with partnering agencies
  14. Perform other duties as assigned.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Child Development, Education, Early Childhood Education, or BA with 24 credits in Early Childhood Education
  • Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education preferred.
  • Fingerprint clearance
  • Three years preschool teaching experience;
  • Two years leadership, supervision, or coaching in an early childhood program;
  • Experience with ECCER-R, CLASS, or other early childhood assessments tools and/or early childhood accreditation programs (such as NAEYC)
  • Ability to work with administrators, teachers, parents.
  • Ability to comprehend and make inferences from written materials
  • Ability to collect and analyze data, prepare concise, accurate reports, and make recommendations.
 The work environment is a normal office and school setting.       

Twelve-month, Classified Exempt Salary Schedule, Employee Benefits in accordance with Board policies.

Performance to be evaluated in accordance with Board policy on evaluation of classified staff.

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