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Position Title:                             PTHS D209 Teacher Mentor
Reports To:                                Principal
Salary Range/Group:                $2,000.00 stipend/Teacher
As part of the D209  Teacher Induction Programming, teachers new to Proviso are assigned in-district mentors to promote their transitions and success as the newest members to the organization. Mentors are experienced teachers who are highly skilled practitioners, life-long learners, are dedicated to promoting excellence in the teaching profession, and are trusted professionals willing to take a personal and direct interest in the development of a colleague.  Teacher- mentors see mentorship as an opportunity not only to support another, but also learn and grow, himself/herself, no matter how experienced. Specifically, teacher mentors:
Ensure a strong start to the year.  Mentors can help inductees launch into a productive year by making sure they know where to obtain all needed materials and by explaining all pertinent routines and schedules.
Provide instructional support.  This includes, but is not limited to: 
     Providing regular opportunities for inductee(s) to observe mentor teaching or discuss classroom instruction, planning, or assessment;
     Participating in discussions that draw upon reflective thinking techniques; 
     Conferencing with the inductees;
     Maintaining open communication with inductees;
     Supporting teaching and learning standards of the state and district curricular frameworks; 
     Refining various teaching strategies, activities, and planning;
     Problem-solving issues such as classroom management and communicating effectively with parents; and,
     Recognizing and addressing multiple learning styles and individual student needs.
Provide professional support.  Teachers new to Proviso need to be informed of school policies and procedures, particularly regarding standards and procedures for teacher evaluation. Building administrators, instructional coaches, as well as Mentors, serve as resources for information on evaluation, professional practices, and continuous improvement.  
Provide personal support. Mentors can help relieve the stress of inductees by introducing them to other faculty members and with support and encouragement help the inductee put problems in perspective.
Maintain a confidential relationship with the inductee. It is important that the inductees are confident dialogue they have with their mentors is safe and secure and that they will get nurturing and supportive feedback from their mentor.
Participate in a support process for maintaining a mentor/inductees relationship. If an unresolvable issue arises in the mentor/inductees relationship, the inductees will request to meet with the building principal and the mentor to reach a resolution to the issue. If no resolution is reached, the inductees will request to meet with the mentor, the principal, and the executive director of academic achievement for further discussion to reach a resolution.
Serve as a liaison. The mentor should have the knowledge and skills to refer the inductees to other teachers and educational resources so the inductees is exposed to a variety of perspectives and instructional practices.
Serve as a resource.  The mentor informs the inductees of opportunities and supports provided by various professional associations, organizations, or partnerships. 
Encourage, support, and cheerlead.  False praise is not good for anyone, but encouraging anyone to continue to learn and grow helps everyone.  Mentors act as their inductees' "cheerleaders" by celebrating (big or small) wins, and turning challenges into successes by learning from mistakes, mis-steps, or misfortunes.

  • Strong desire to serve as committed partner in learning to another professional;
  • Positive attitude and disposition;
  • Completion of PTHS D209 mentor training (also offered at times in partnership and for credit with Dominican University);
  • Successful teaching experience; and,
  • In-depth knowledge of teaching pedagogy, best practices in instruction, and mentoring relationships.
  • Attendance in monthy meetings for new teachers is required. 

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