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Non-Instructional Support


Date: May 10, 2024

Position: Groundskeeper

Hours: Monday-Friday / 8 hrs per day
260 days per school year

Salary:      Range 24 (Step C-$19.44 to Step G-$24.24)

  • Benefits include various health, dental and vision insurance packages
  • CalPERS Retirement  
  • Vacation, Sick Leave and 13 paid holidays
  • Must pass Groundskeeper Test with 70% accuracy

  • Must pass pre-employment physical

  • Perform skilled grounds maintenance work.

  • One year of grounds maintenance experience and / or training

  • Valid California Driver’s License

  • Ability to pass DOJ Fingerprint Clearance

  • TB Clearance Required


Deadline:    May 17, 2024, Open Until Filled

Job Description

Groundskeeper I 

Classified Employees Salary Schedule – Range 24


To perform routine grounds maintenance and gardening work at a school site; to assist in a variety of construction projects; and to do other work as assigned.



  1. Education – 

•    High School Diploma or equivalent.

•    Formal or informal education or training which ensures the ability to read and write at     a level necessary for successful job performance.

  1. Experience – 

•    One year of grounds maintenance experience is desirable.

•    Qualifications include a combination of experience and training that would likely     provide the required knowledge and abilities of grounds maintenance. 

  1. Knowledge of –

•    Principles, procedures and methods used in caring for plants, shrubs, flowers, trees        and lawns.

•    Materials and equipment used in cultivating, pruning and caring for plants, shrubs,      flowers, trees and lawns.

•    Specialized maintenance procedures in such areas as weed control, blacktop, and asphalt work, and sprinkler system installation.

•    Purposes and functions of a variety of equipment and tools used in maintenance including heavy equipment.

•    Safe work practices.

  1. Ability to –

•    Operate a variety of power driven equipment with skill and independence.

•    Work independently in the absence of supervision.

•    Understand and follow oral and written instructions.

•    Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.



  • Valid California Driver License.

  • For designated Private Applicators or Qualified Applicators only: possess, and/or obtain within six months of hire/transfer/designation, a Private Applicator Certificate, Qualified Applicator Certificate, or Qualified Applicator License, if designated by the District.


IV. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS OF THIS POSITION: Duties may include, but are not limited to the following:

•    Mow and water lawns; weed lawn areas; edge sidewalk areas.

•    Prepare ground for planting; plant, replant, fertilize, water, trim and prune shrubs, trees, flowers      and lawns; rake leaves from planter areas.

•    Repair sprinkler problems such as replacing sprinkler heads and repairing broken water lines.

•    Power blow sidewalks, tennis and basketball courts and other walkway areas after mowing lawn.


•    Clean and maintain grounds, pick up trash on school campus, pick up broken glass and debris       around campus.

•    Maintain all tools and equipment; clean, grease and adjust equipment as needed.

•    Line athletic fields and track; reseed, fertilize and restore playing fields after sport events and activities.

•    Mix and apply herbicides, pesticides and sprays over planted areas in accordance with state law.

•    Operate a sweeper to clean parking lots and blacktop areas.

•    Repair blacktop areas as needed.

•    Refill holes and cavities.

•    Operate chainsaw, cut fallen trees and limbs.

•    Rototilling sandboxes and planters.

•    Mix, apply and cut cement as needed.

•    Operate heavy machinery pertaining to special projects as required.

•    Move classroom furniture to include boxes, desks, chairs, etc.

•    Incorporated within one or more of the previously mentioned essential functions of this job. description are the following essential physical requirements.

•    Perform other duties as assigned.

•    For designated Private Applicators or Qualified Applicators only: perform agricultural weed and pest abatement as outlined by the California Department of Pesticide Regulations and/or industry best practices. 



NP = Not present; Frequent = 1/3 – 2/3 time

Occasional = 0 – 1/3 time Continuous = 2/3 – all time

Standing Occasional: Usual present with walking

Walking Continuous throughout all activities of job daily

Lifting From Ground Level Frequent: grass catcher from mower (25-40 lbs), 3 gal. sprayer (25-30 lbs), irrigation valves (10 lbs), 

and chain saws (18 lbs)

Occasional: loading mower on truck (50-80 lbs)

Edger (35 lbs), bags of fertilizer (50 lbs), and grass seed (80 lbs).  Also occasional ground level lifting when moving furniture (decks, chairs, cabinets, & boxes with the large items weighing 75-100 lbs).

Lifting From Waist Level Occasional: Variety of tools, sprinkler, & supplies (to 20 lbs)

Frequent: backpack blower (15-20 lbs) & weed whips (10-12 lbs)

Lifting From Overhead Occasional: PVC fitting (2 lbs or less)
Carrying Occasional to Frequent: Grass clippings & ground debris (25-40 lbs) from 10-50 ft.
Pushing/Pulling Frequent: Mower, raking & sweeping.  Painting.



Climbing Occasional: step ladder

Bending Frequent: Loading truck, picking up trash, installing/repairing sprinklers, starting mowers, & using various tools

Stooping Frequent to Continuous

Kneeling Occasional repair work

Twisting/Turning Frequent pruning, loading truck, operating vehicles


Shoulder Level Occasional trimming, painting

Waist Level Occasional raking

Below Waist Level Occasional pruning or picking up trash

Seeing/Color Vision/Depth Perception Normal vision required

Talking/Hearing Normal abilities required

Fingering/Feeling Occasional use of hand tools, sprinkler repair


Gross Manipulation Occasional pulling grass catcher, bags of grass

Fine Manipulation Occasional tools & repair

Simple Grasping Occasional holding tools or equipment & driving

Grip Strength Frequent

Hand Twisting Occasional

Environmental Conditions

Work Environment 100% Outdoors

Temperature Normal climate

Chemical Exposure Occasional herbicides, gas, oil, cleaning solvent

Noise/Vibrations Frequent mower, blower, edger, and jackhammer

Fumes/Gases/Odors Occasional

Dust Frequent when using blower

Work Surfaces Grass, asphalt, concrete, & rough terrain

Job Particulars

Tools/Equipment/Work Aids Gloves, goggles, protectors (ear, face & knee), hand tools, landscaping equipment (described above)


Outdoor working environment subject to bending, crouching and kneeling, pushing/pulling of equipment and tools, reaching in all directions, long periods of standing/walking and with appropriate safety equipment, working with herbicides, pesticides, solvents, and other chemicals.


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