Head Girls Hockey Coach

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Head Girls Hockey Coach

In compliance with the Certified Master Agreement, please consider this as notification of the following positions opening in the District:


  • Head Coach Certification

  • Good organizational ability.

  • Background or experience in specific sport or activity.

Time Limitations:

  • Time Limitations: Present employees must apply within five working days with the last day, May 15,  2024.

  • Open until filled 

To Apply:

  • Applicants should apply via Applitrack


Mr. Rick Engelstad

Activities Director

Pine City Public School

1400 Main Street South

Pine City, MN  55063




Pine City Public Schools employment practices are conducted without regard to race, color, national origin, sex or disability of applicants or employees.

Approximate beginning date: October 2024



The major responsibilities of Head Coaches are listed below as a guide for carrying out assigned duties. Additional responsibilities may be inherent in individual programs for various coaches or may be delegated by the Activities Director.



As the Head Coach, he/she:

1)    Has full responsibility for the overall supervision/direction of his/her program, including         7th/8th Grade, C Squad, and JV teams. The Head Coach is required to have meetings         prior to and at the end of each season with all lower level coaches to provide direction         and feedback.

2)    Is responsible to ensure the basic philosophies of participation at each level of their         respective activities are adhered to.

a.    The Jr High programs emphasis will be placed on individual fundamental skill development.  Season scheduling will be done with the understanding that practice time is as important as competition. As close to equal playing time as possible for all participants will be the expectation unless restrictions are needed for poor attendance or other discipline issues.  

b.    The C-Squad level, if available for the activity, is for those 9th and 10th grade participants who are not ready, as determined by the coaches to handle the requirements of the Varsity and/or JV levels. Playing time is not equal, but emphasis again will be on individual fundamental skill development.  If the Conference schedule does not include many competitions at this level, efforts will be made to secure events against non-conference schools as well.

c.    JV level is considered the final preparatory level before Varsity.  Seniors will not participate at this level unless low overall activity participation levels warrant the need so that a JV program can be maintained.  Playing time is not equal with emphasis continuing to be on individual fundamental skill development.  It must be understood that there may be a select few who will receive a greater share of playing time as they are “one sprained ankle” away from getting the move to the Varsity.  

d.    The Varsity is the top level in the program.  Playing time is not equal and is earned through demonstrations to the coaching staff that the opportunities are warranted.  


3)    Is responsible for seeing that each participant has had a physical exam as per district

    policy before any participation is allowed.

4)    Is responsible for the general health and welfare of students in his/her program and gives         appropriate attention to athletes who are injured or ill or otherwise incapacitated.

5)    Will be primarily responsible for striving to teach and maintain good sportsmanship and 

        developing positive public relations in the school and community.

6)    Will follow the Move Up Policy.

7)    Is responsible for keeping practice periods for his/her sport within the confines of the time     specified by the Activities Director; and is to keep the Activities Director informed of         practice schedules during any holiday period.

8)    Must report regularly while his/her sport is in season to the Activities Director with regard         to the developments in his/her program.

9)    Is directly responsible for a complete inventory and general upkeep of the equipment used     for his/her sport at all levels, and will provide the Activities Director with an updated list         within two (2) weeks of the end of the season.

10)    Is responsible for assuring that he/she and his/her assistants are knowledgeable of the         rules of the Minnesota State High School League, Great River Conference, Mississippi 8        Conference, Northeast Football District, and Region 5A, 7A and any other region we are a 

        part of and abide by them at all times.

11)    Must meet licensing requirements as set forth by the Minnesota Department of Education 

        and the MSHSL and meet the following requirements:

a.     Maintains an open account on the MSHSL site: Coach’s Dashboard

b.    Meets all Continuing Education requirements as dictated by the MSHSL.

c.    Oversees the requirements of lower level coaches required by the MSHSL.

d.    Is responsible for the actions and conduct of his/her team.

12)    Is responsible for seeing that all levels of his/her program abide by the transportation 

    procedures listed in the coaches handbook.

13)    Makes recommendations for letter awards and is responsible for clarification of the award         policy to athletes and parents in writing at the start of the season.

14)    Is responsible to ensure recognition of team and individual accomplishments and works         with the activities director to maintain a school display of these results.  If the coach         would like to display banners/boards recognizing these accomplishments, the following         must be the focal point - Consistency, Accuracy, and Sustainability.  Banners/Boards listing

    the year the team won Conference, Sections, qualified for State, as well as having a         different banners listing the individual State Qualifiers will be encouraged.  Every effort         must have been made to insure all who warrant it will be noted.

15)    Shall take appropriate action to see that his/her play areas, shower and locker rooms are         clean and safe for student participation.

16)    Is responsible for explaining school district policies to those involved in the program.

17)    Is responsible for rating officials and updating rosters on the MSHSL website.




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