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Instructional/Educational Coordination


TITLE:                                     INSTRUCTIONAL COACH, multiple positions

REPORTS TO:                        Assistant Superintendent

SUPERVISES:                        N/A

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:  12-month work year, other terms as set by Board of Education

PRIMARY FUNCTION:           To strengthen and align instruction to instructional standards and learning outcomes determine by the CT State Frameworks,
                                                district curriculum and to work in a consultative fashion with building and district administrators. 

  1. Research, prepare materials, provide content knowledge and resources to school and district staff about teaching and learning including: 
    1. Teaching strategies 
    2. Assessment of student skills 
    3. Practices that promote literacy, writing and mathematics in all content areas 
    4. Interpretation of assessment results, etc. 
  2. Research, provide information, implement, and provide feedback regarding a range of effective and innovative practices through various learning opportunities such as: 
    1. Individual discussions (formal and informal)
    2. Coaching sessions
    3. Demonstration lessons with pre- and post- discussion/analysis
    4. Study groups
    5. Peer Coaching
    6. Staff meetings 
    7. Professional development programs.
  3. Assists in the planning and support for teachers in the implementation of a standards-based curriculum and appropriate instructional methodologies for all content areas based on student achievement data.   
  4. Attends professional development and specified training to enhance skills. 
  5. Assist the principal and the school improvement team in the planning and implementing of the school’s effort to increase the proficiency of reading, writing and math across the curriculum. 
  6. Conducts an observational walk-through with the principal to help identify strengths and weaknesses of instructional practices of the school in general. 
  7. Performs such other related tasks as assigned by the principal. 
  • Connecticut Teaching Certification 
  • Minimum of five years successful teaching experience 
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience of effective instructional practices 
  • Strong interpersonal, leadership and organizational skills 
  • Knowledge of coaching and modeling appropriate instructional strategies 
  • Knowledge of implementing technology into instruction  
  • Bilingual, English and Spanish 
PERFORMANCE EVALUATION:  Annually by the Principal/Director or his designee.   

SALARY:                                       $53,399-$112,557 based on experience and NLEA contract

DATE:                                            February 7, 2022
New London Public Schools
New London, Connecticut
New London Public School District is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. 
Candidates from diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

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