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Primary Duties and Responsibilities of the Support NCO is to provide safety and security, logistical, and instructor support to the academy as directed by the Dean of Cadets or any other school administrator. The Support NCO will be under the direct supervision of the Dean of Cadets and/or any UMA administrator.

• Support NCO may be asked to perform classroom instruction on an emergency basis as a substitute teacher.

• Support NCO will constantly patrol and monitor assigned areas on campus to ensure the safety of students, staff and property of Utah Military Academy campuses.

• Support NCO will possess a strong understanding of military customs and courtesies as well as the Utah Military handbook and the JROTC uniform regulations.

• Support NCO is responsible for the good order and discipline of cadets while attending Utah Military Academy campuses.

• The Support NCO is a key part of the principal’s disciplinary program. The chief purpose of this disciplinary program is to “correct negative pupil behavior.”

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