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The Vision Teacher provides educational assistance to students who are blind/partially sighted or visually impaired. Services are provided based upon students' needs as identified in the IEP process during a multidisciplinary conference. The Vision Itinerant teacher travels between schools to provide service to each student. Services are provided based upon students' needs as identified in the IEP process during a multidisciplinary conference. The range of students' needs may change each year and during the year.


  • Provide consultations and in-services to students, teachers, parents, and community groups to facilitate the students' participation within the school and community. This may include adaptations to the environment/materials specific to the students' disability and instruction as to use.
  • Assess student and prepare a written assessment of the student's orientation and mobility skills, and determine if instruction and consultation to the classroom teacher is needed
  • Assist each student to relate his body image and spatial, directional, and orientation skills to his environment
  • Assist each student to develop his maximum safe travel potential; and functional independence in a variety of environments (including the public transit system), using appropriate techniques, such as sighted-guide skills, pre-cans and cane skills
  • Train low-vision students to make maximum use of prescribed low vision traveling in all environments
  • Assist low-vision students to make use of residual vision when traveling in all environments
  • Prepare written functional vision assessments when appropriate
  • Attend IEP committee meetings and provide supplements to the individual education plan for student receiving orientation and mobility services and for students that have been given an orientation and mobility evaluation and a functional vision assessment
  • Write goals and objectives based on student needs
  • Maintains professional competence through in-services, workshops, and reading
  • Coordinates activities and objectives with all personnel working with the student
  • Develops/implements lesson plans that are sequential and developmental utilizing a variety of instructional strategies, resources, and adapted materials and technologies. Documents plans, assessments, and progress
  • Utilizes local, state, and federal resources/ services to benefit the student
  • Development an efficient weekly schedule that considers the students' and classrooms' schedule and allows travel, instruction, materials, preparation, and consultation time
  • Participates in parent conferences, MDC's, IEP's, and required district meetings
  • Keeps accurate and confidential reports/records on file in the students' folder
  • Assist in the selection and maintenance of textbooks, materials, and equipment including their distribution, return, inventory, and storage
  • Completes/ submits mileage, attendance, status, and other reports on time
  • Assists in the program development and other activities deemed appropriate by the administration
  • Other duties assigned by Supervisor
  • Valid Professional Educator License with Vision Impairment & Blind and Partially Seeing 
  • Bachelor's Degree required; Master's Degree Preferred
  • Valid Illinois Driver's license and safe driving record
  • Commitment to professional development
  • Effective positive interpersonal communication skills
  • Fluid writing ability
  • Knowledge of standardized tests available at varying development levels
  • Knowledge of test interpretation and how the results impact student academic performance
  • Knowledge of policies and procedures involving special education law
  • Sitting and a high level of flexibility, articulation, concentration and confidentiality
  • Adaptability to performing a variety of duties, often changing from one task to another of a different nature without loss of efficiency or composure
  • Demonstration of high levels of flexibility, articulation, concentration, confidentiality, and organization
  • Physical requirements include sitting, standing, bending, walking, and lifting up to 35 lbs.

Please Include:   3 Letters of Reference and/or Credential Packet


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