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POSITION TITLE:   District Curriculum Specialist - Science                    


REPORTS TO:        Superintendent




District Curriculum Specialist will work with the Department of Curriculum and Instruction to coordinate Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports, Professional Development and provide appropriate services to schools so that there can be a cohesive, sustained, intensive and classroom-focused approach that is rigorous, engaging, and relevant for students. Curriculum Specialist will provide a non-threatening, open, professional, and collaborative work relationship with district-level personnel, school-based instructional coaches, principals, and teachers. They will be required to effectively identify the needs of assigned schools in order to prioritize, schedule, organize, and provide technical assistance so that students in assigned schools achieve proficiency and growth targets.


Knowledge, Skills, and Attributes     


  • Knowledge: A thorough understanding of the following is vital:
  • Reading processes, acquisition, assessment, and instruction,
  • Systematic, explicit instructional process,
  • Instructional coaching approaches and strategies for teaching adult learners,
  • Scientific reading research and its application to effective classroom instruction, structure, and practices, as well as intervention,
  • College and Career Readiness State Standards for All Subjects with an emphasis in English Language Arts and Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects


  • Mississippi Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports Model, and
  • Data analysis and application.


  • Skills: Acquisition of the following expertise is crucial:
  • Systematic, explicit, instructional delivery,
  • Ability to effectively prioritize, schedule, manage, and organize multiple daily tasks to achieve goals,
  • Ability to administer and interpret reading assessments and use data to determine professional development needs, and recommend changes to improve school-wide and/or classroom instructional practices,
  • Ability to rapidly acquire and apply new skills and information,
  • Ability to provide effective instructional feedback,
  • Ability to identify problems and develop appropriate solutions, and
  • Use effective written and oral communication skills, including the ability to engage in difficult and candid conversations with a variety of stakeholders.


  • Attributes: The following personal qualities are essential:
    • Sense of urgency for literacy achievement,
    • Motivating others to perform at high standards,
    • High degree of professionalism to ensure and protect the confidentiality of educators and students,
    • Strong work ethic, self-directed and reliable, and the ability to work both independently and collaboratively,
    • High quality interpersonal skills and the ability to relate to and interact with adults exhibiting a range of abilities and dispositions,
    • Persistent in spite of obstacles, 
    • Ability to orchestrate change,
    • Valuing lifelong learning,
    • Belief that a coach can make a difference, despite the nature of the challenges, and
    • Desire to grow professionally.



Essential Duties and Responsibilities. (Other duties may be assigned)



Provide daily technical support to school-based instructional coaches or lead teachers in their capacity to support instruction of the 5 components of reading, implement curriculum, administer assessments, analyze data, and utilize technology.


Model effective coaching and conferencing techniques.


Assist administrators, school-based instructional coaches, and teachers in addressing grade specific curriculum by developing an effective school-wide plan and providing strategies for monitoring the plan’s implementation.


Design and conduct professional development to meet the varied needs of school-based instructional coaches, teachers and paraprofessionals.


Conference with individual coaches or lead teachers to ensure that teachers assigned to them have specific goals and plans for improving practice.


Provide clear, practical, timely, and candid written and oral feedback to school-based coaches about their coaching practices and to teachers about their instruction.


Meet regularly with principals, school-based coaches, and teachers to review data and make recommendations for adjustments in instructional practices.


Maintain an organized system for documenting coaching services (e.g., MS SOARS).


Provide guidance for sharing data with a variety of audiences.


Assist principals, school-based coaches, and teachers in providing regular and user-friendly data reports to the Superintendent and other stakeholders.


Assist the buildings and district in implementing Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports (MTSS) and 504 process.


Direct services designed to assist students for the purpose of helping students successfully pass 3rd Summative Assessment, meet state proficiency and growth targets, and complete high school.


Assists in reviewing/revising curriculum documentations at the district and school level.


Assists the organization and administration of any district’s academic/instructional initiative programs.


Facilitate various meetings (e.g. parent and student workshops, community and educational meetings, grant planning, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring that outcomes for individual students achieve district and/or state objectives.


Identify students with special education needs who have dropped out or are at risk of dropping out of school for the purpose of providing assistance to help students meet academic requirements towards graduation.


Assist with monitoring drop out information required by the Mississippi Department of Education for the purpose of ensuring compliance with state legal reporting requirements.


Research evaluate, and present best practice in dropout prevention and recovery strategies for the purpose of re-engaging student dropouts.


Adheres to all GPSD policies and procedures as well as the Mississippi Educator Code of Ethics.


Work with students, staff, parents and guardians for the purpose of evaluating situations, solving problems, resolving conflicts, referring to appropriate professionals, and enhancing student success in school.


Assist with professional development sessions as scheduled in the district professional development plan.


All certified employees are expected to work an 8-hour work day, usually 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted or as adjusted by supervisor.




Must clock in and out at the appropriate scheduled time assigned.


Shall dress in an appropriate professional manner.


All Central Office staff must inform their supervisor whenever leaving their office during the working day.


SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES:       Assist with supervision of Instructional Coaches and Instructional Assistants



  •  Master’s Degree in Education with 5 years documented successful experience teaching reading -OR-
  • Bachelor’s Degree with 6 years documented successful experience teaching reading with a minimum of 4 years of literacy experience at the State, District, or School Level,
  • Successful experience facilitating adult learning and delivering professional development specific to literacy instruction (e.g., professional development feedback / surveys, letters from participants, etc.),
  • Experience mentoring, coaching, and providing feedback about instruction to classroom teachers,
  • Experience leading others in a collaborative process,
  • Experience analyzing and using student achievement data for instructional purposes, and 



  • Valid K-12 Mississippi Administrative License


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:     Salary and work year to be established by the School Board Salary Schedule.


EVALUATIONS:    Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the Board’s Policy on Evaluation of Certified Personnel.


Approved by: Board of Trustees, Greenwood Public Schools            Date 5/17/2016_


Reviewed and agreed to by:_______________________________  Date  _________


Revised: September 8, 2016

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