JROTC Naval Science Instructor (Enlisted)

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This military employee will be an instructor of the Greenwood High School NJROTC program for the 2016-2017 School Year.


Senior Naval Science Instructor Job Description

Duties and responsibilities include:

  1. Directing the unit and advising school authorities on unit needs and program requirements;
  2. Teaching the prescribed 3 or 4-year Naval Science curriculum, including writing and updating lesson plans and performing other lesson preparation requirements;
  3. Instructing cadets in military drill;
  4. Ensuring the safety and well-being of cadets is observed at all times during cadets’ participation in unit activities;
  5. Serving on routine faculty committees and performing curricular or extracurricular duties normally performed by, and rotated equitably among, other faculty members;
  6. Ensuring cadets are not discriminated against on any improper basis, notifying school authorities and taking immediate corrective action when it appears more likely than not that discrimination occurred;
  7. Counseling and mentoring students who participate in the program;
  8. Require cadets to conduct themselves in a military manner at all times when under instructor supervision (i.e., when attending Naval Science classes, drills, or on authorized field trips or orientation cruises) and that they observe military courtesies and traditions;
  9. Providing guidance and information to cadets and other qualified students, including:
  10. NROTC and other military scholarships;
  11. USNA and other Service Academies;
  12. Advanced Navy and other service enlistment;
  13. Selecting a college or degree program;
  14. Completing college, financial aid, employment, and other applications;
  15. Meeting deadlines;
  16. Interview techniques and practice;
  17. Financial guidance;
  18. SAT/ACT preparation; and
  19. Tutoring.
  20. Ensuring cadets observe the Chain-of-Command and do not contact NSTC CD or other Navy officials directly unless authorized;
  21. Ordering authorized government furnished equipment, (unless responsibility is given in writing to a separate military property custodian;
  22. Arranging for the cleaning and tailoring of cadet uniforms;
  23. Evaluating the condition of cadet uniforms and other government property for repair or replacement;
  24. Performing simple preventive maintenance of training aids and devices;
  25. Ensuring proper accounting and physical security of all government furnished equipment/materials;
  26. Planning extracurricular activities for the unit, such as color/honor guard ceremonies, academic, drill and marksmanship team competitive meets, field trips, basic leadership training camps and ship cruises;
  27. Preparing periodic reports on program administration and logistics;
  28. Maintaining awareness of issues affecting, and organizational changes within, the Navy;
  29. Assessing unit processes to ensure program objectives are met;
  30. Attending Navy-sponsored training to keep abreast of program requirements and ensuring cadets are trained in accordance with current requirements;
  31. Taking courses to improve their teaching abilities and, for NJROTC instructors, meet all education requirements of 10 U.S.C. Secs. 2031, 2032, and 2033 and any implementing regulations;
  32. Establishing a good working relationship with guidance counselors and faculty members;
  33. Making presentations to students at feeder schools at least annually to recruit new cadets into the program;
  34. Maintaining the unit’s financial accounts and operating budget;
  35. For NJROTC only, preparing (and submitting if permitted by school officials) financial vouchers to the Navy for reimbursement to the host school or district of authorized expenditures in support of the NJROTC program;
  36. Establishing community support and recognition of the program;
  37. Informing the school and public of unit activities and achievements by making full use of school publications and local news media;
  38. Submitting to NSTC CD, via the Area Manager, as soon as possible, copies of news releases, transcripts, and/or narrative descriptions of radio and television broadcast of national interest;
  39. Informing NSTC CD, via the Area Manager, of instructors recognized as a Teacher of the Year/Month or receiving any other significant award, providing a biography, number of years as a unit instructor, name of award, name of school/district, number in competition, other relevant information, and, if applicable, last duty station, military retirement date, warfare qualifications; and
  40. Immediately informing school officials and NSTC CD, via the Area Manager, of any disciplinary actions against, and changes in, employment of instructors.

Terms of Employment: 187 days  


FLSA: Exempt


Salary Schedule: Contract


Reports to: Dr. Lorita Harris, Principal, Greenwood High School

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