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The main focus of the Elementary Curriculum and Instruction Director will be to improve continuously the quality of elementary curriculum and instruction in pursuit of higher student academic and social outcomes. 


Performance Responsibilities: 

1. To oversee the elementary curriculum and to suggest recommendations for internal, vertical and horizontal alignment. 

2. To assist elementary teachers in implementing best pedagogical and assessment practices. 

3. To prepare any reports on the state of elementary curriculum and instructional practice. 

4. To assure uniformity in elementary assessment, parent reporting, and academic standards. 

5. To help elementary instructional personnel resolve conflicts. 

6. To help elementary instructional personnel develop appropriate objectives for grade level, classroom and students. 

7. To review all proposed changes to the elementary curriculum and provide updates on a yearly basis. 

8. To chair elementary curriculum meetings. 

9. To suggest methods for integrating instruction, cross-grade units, technology, etc. 

10. To develop with the assistance of the elementary faculty a uniform detailed curriculum. 

11. To serve as a resource for elementary faculty, recommending workshops, speakers, programs, school observations, etc. 

12. To coordinate regular textbook review with elementary curriculum coordinators and staff on a regularly scheduled basis. 

13. To conduct meetings and/or workshops with elementary faculty to keep them informed of current trends/research in curriculum and instruction. 

14. To make recommendations to administration regarding problems or concerns relating to curriculum. 

15. To network with other elementary curriculum leaders. 

16. To oversee elementary testing. 

17. To support the schools and their leadership. 

18. To take the lead with writing and budget preparation of the school improvement plan. 

19. To work with the applicable school principals in the design, implementation and monitoring of instructional support services. 

20. Other duties as assigned. 


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