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Substitute Teacher


Various elementary or secondary teaching positions may be open for upcoming school year.
RE-1 Valley observes a 4-day school week, Tues-Fri, 8.5 hours/day.

The current Substitute Teacher daily rate is: 

  • $110.00 without documentation of a 4-year degree (documentation may include submission of a 3- or 5-year CDE Substitute Authorization)
  • $135.00 with the above documentation
 The nature of substitute work does not lend itself to a guaranteed number of days of paid work during an academic year.  The position is exempt and on an as-needed basis; the substitute is free to accept or decline any assignments offered.  The substitute will remain on the authorized substitute list continuously from academic year to academic year unless:
  • the District receives notice that the substitute no longer wishes to be included on the substitute list, or
  • in the event of gross misconduct, illegal activity or actions contrary to District policy, or
  • the employee is assigned to a regular part-time or full-time position.


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