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Under general direction provides instruction and services for those pupils whose needs have been identified in an individualized educational program developed by the individualized education program team and who are assigned to regular classroom teachers for the majority of a school day and acts as case manager for up to 28 students.


A. Direct Instruction:
(1) provides direct instruction in the academic areas to resource specialists program pupils on a one-to-one or small group basis, either in the resource room or the regular classroom;
(2) provides information and assistance to individuals with exceptional needs and their parents;
(3) monitors pupil progress on a regular basis, participating in the review and revision of the instructionalized education programs, as appropriate; refers pupils who do not demonstrate appropriate progress to the individualized education program team;
(4) evaluates student growth in academic achievement, self concept, and social skills;
(5) provides emphasis at the secondary school level on academic achievement, meeting proficiency standards, career and vocational development, and preparation for adult life;
(6) assists in the selection, training, and evaluation of resource specialist instructional aides. 
B. Consulting Services: provides consultation services as follows:
(1) identification and assessment of behavior patterns in pupils;
(2) utilization of evaluation data for the modification of instruction and curriculum;
(3) application of effective classroom management techniques;
(4) identification of resources appropriate to individuals with exceptional needs to regular staff members, parents, and guardians;
(5) development of pre-vocational and/or vocational plans for individuals with exceptional needs;
(6) acceptance by regular classroom teachers and students of individuals with exceptional needs. 
C. Coordination:
(1) coordinates referral and assessment procedures;
(2) assists in the coordination of the individualized education program team meetings;
(3) coordinates instructional planning (i.e., the development and implementation of individualized educational programs for individuals with exceptional needs);
(4) coordinates the implementation of special education services provided individuals with exceptional needs;
(5) assists in the coordination of designated instruction and services;
(6) coordinates the collection of relevant information for those students referred to the individualized education program team;
(7) coordinates the organization and distribution of special education media and materials for resources in regular classrooms;
(8) coordinates individualized instruction and activities of the resource specialist program with regular classroom curriculum;
(9) coordinates special education inservice workshops and workshops for staff and/or parents;
(10) coordinates follow-up activities to insure service delivery to all individuals with exceptional needs. 
D. Interpretation and Implementation of Laws, Regulations, and Other Compliance Requirements:
(1) schedules and monitors referral procedures in accordance with legal requirements;
(2) monitors the development of individualized educational programs and conduct review meetings in accordance with legal requirements;
(3) processes information leading to approval of services by child, parent, or guardian;
(4) provides leadership for assuring full compliance with legal requirements. 
E. Parent Education:
(1) provides parents with basic knowledge of assessment procedures in instrumentations and how to utilize the information;
(2) provides parents with basic understanding of remedial methods and techniques as they relate to their own child's program;
(3) provides parents with basic home enrichment in home management techniques designed to meet the needs of their child;
(4) counsels parents in areas related to their child's abilities including strengths and weaknesses as well as the child's needs and goals including career and vocational planning alternatives;
(5) provides parents with information as to effective utilization of community resources. 
F. Other duties as assigned by Principal

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