JobID 179 : Spanish Teacher (#351011)

Posted 3 years ago

Spanish Teacher

As a Spanish teacher you will be an advisor and a facilitator, provide targeted small-group instruction, directly coach students as they work with online learning tools along individual learning pathways, and collaborate with peers to ensure high levels of student achievement.

Must Haves:
Certified by the State of New Jersey to teach Spanish.

- Teaching experience in urban or low income setting
- Effectively analyzes student data to improve achievement
- Ability to be flexible in a fast-paced changing environment
- Define goals and objectives for unit and daily plans.
- Select, develop, modify and/or adapt materials and resources which support learning objectives and address students’ varying learning styles, backgrounds and     special needs.
- Establish and maintain a positive and safe learning environment in which students are encouraged to be actively engaged in the learning process.
- Maintain academic focus by using a variety of motivational techniques.
- Establish and use behavior management techniques which are appropriate and effective.
- Establish routines and procedures and work with students on consistently following them.
- Maintain instructional momentum with smooth and efficient transitions from one activity to another.
- Establish and maintain efficient record keeping procedures.
- Manage time effectively.
- Collaborate with students, parents, school staff and other appropriate persons to assist in meeting student needs.
- Provide accurate and timely information to parents and students about academic and behavioral performance of students.