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? Plan and implement instruction consistent with the school approved curriculum for assigned subject areas. Reflect this in a written plan, co-created by the teacher, social worker, principal, parent/guardians, and any other interested parties in the student’s welfare. Update and revise the plan at least every other 9 weeks or more, as needed.

? Relate concepts and materials to the students and the objectives using state standards.

? Provide opportunities for academic achievement and success for all students.

? Hold high expectations for student learning which are realistic and appropriate.

? Teach skills for critical-thinking, problem solving, comprehension, decision making, and independent learning by students.

? Use a variety of reinforcement and motivational techniques to encourage positive behavior and academic achievement.

? Offer students alternative ways of achieving objectives and adjust instructional strategies based on the feedback from students.

? Hold students accountable for timely completion of assigned work.

? Provide homework that students can complete successfully between one-to-one sessions.

? Use the evaluation of student outcomes to measure the effectiveness of instruction.

? Develop tests which utilize a variety of strategies to assess the learning.

? Employ a variety of methods and materials that will provide a holistic approach to students learning academically, and emotionally.

? Provide culturally relevant resources and model for our student population.

? Submit progress reports as written in the program procedures manual to students, parent/guardians, principal, etc.

? Complete credit checks for students in advisory class and assist scheduling students into master schedule each semester/trimester.

? Facilitate Career Cruising and completion and/or updating the Education Development Plan (EDP) for advisory students.


? Use school reporting procedures to collect data, maintain student records, and report student progress.

? Maintain confidentiality for students in school related matters.

? Use a grading system that is consistent with the school assessment policy and which reflects the quality of student work.

? Establish a management system that communicates expectations, assignments, and work requirements.

? Teach educational program expectations and recognize and reinforce appropriate behavior.

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