Academic Interventionist

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? Administers specific assessments and/or tests for the purpose of assessing the level of students' competencies.

? Advises parents and/or legal guardians of student progress for the purpose of supporting teacher's expectations, developing methods for improvement and/or reinforcing classroom goals in the home environment.

? Assesses students' (e.g. progress, expectations, goals, etc.) for the purpose of providing feedback to students, parents and administration.

? Collaborates with a variety of parties (e.g. instructional staff, other school personnel, parents, community resources, etc.) for the purpose of improving the quality of student outcomes, developing solutions; achieving established program objectives and/or and planning curriculum.

? Demonstrates methods required to perform classroom and/or subject specific assignments (e.g. phonemic, awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, etc.) for the purpose of providing an effective school program and addressing the needs of individual students.

? Directs assistant teachers, instructional assistants, volunteers and/or student aides for the purpose of providing an effective school program and addressing the needs of individual students.

? Evaluates students' performance for the purpose of determining student progress and/or developing remediation plans.

? Instructs students using tier 2 and tier 3 reading and math interventions to appropriate students for the purpose of improving their success in academics through a defined course of study.

? Monitors students in a variety of educational environments (e.g. classroom, playground, field trips, sporting events, etc.) for the purpose of providing a safe and positive learning environment.

? Participates in a variety of events (e.g. book studies, quarterly monitoring sessions, meetings, trainings, workshops, seminars, etc.) for the purpose of conveying and/or gathering information required to perform functions.

? Prepares teaching materials and a variety of manual and electronic documents, files and records (e.g. lesson plans, substitute plans, grades, attendance, anecdotal records, etc.) for the purpose of implementing lesson plans and documenting student progress.

? Researches a variety of topics and/or teaching styles for the purpose of obtaining knowledge and/or information to utilize in the classroom setting.

? Responds to inquiries from a variety of sources (e.g. students, other teachers, parents, administrators, etc.) for the purpose of resolving issues, providing information and/or direction.

? Supports other teachers for the purpose of providing assistance, guidance, and/or aid to colleagues.

? Supports second language learners for the purpose of students acquiring English and literacy skills through appropriate strategies, activities, and material selection.


? Use school reporting procedures to collect data, maintain student records, and report student progress.

? Maintain confidentiality for students in school related matters.

? Use a grading system that is consistent with the school assessment policy and which reflects the quality of student work.

? Establish a management system that communicates expectations, assignments, and work requirements.

? Teach educational program expectations and recognize and reinforce appropriate behavior.

? Use a variety of discipline strategies for managing disruptive students.

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