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Student Teacher


A. Makes Subject Matter Comprehensible to Students

The student teacher demonstrates the ability to teach the academic content for his/her subject area.


B. Assesses Student Learning

The student teacher uses progress monitoring at key points during instruction.


The student teacher paces instruction and teaches based on evidence gathered during monitoring.


The student teacher uses assessments to determine student's progress and to plan instruction.


The student teacher familiarizes the students with the format of  tests, appropriately administers tests, and accurately interprets results in order to develop and modify instruction.


C. Engages and Supports Students in Learning

The student teacher incorporates strategies, activities, procedures and experiences that address content standards in order to provide a balanced and comprehensive curriculum.

The student teacher uses instructional materials to reinforce content standards and prioritizes and sequences essential skills in a logical manner.

The student teacher varies instructional strategies according to purpose and lesson content.

The student teacher explains content clearly and reinforces content in multiple ways.

The student teacher provides students with opportunities to practice and apply content.

The student teacher teaches students to understand academic language and read and comprehend subject matter content.

The student teacher encourages student creativity and imagination.

The student teacher models active listening.

The student teacher balances instruction by adjusting lesson designs relative to students' current level of achievement and takes additional steps to foster access and comprehension for all learners.

The student teacher clearly communicates instructional objectives to students.

The student teacher monitors for engagement of students and uses strategies to re-engage when necessary.

The student teacher makes learning relevant to the students and encourages students to share and examine points of view.

The student teacher uses appropriate questioning strategies and teaches students to respond and to frame meaningful questions.

The student teacher utilizes instructional strategies that are appropriate to the age level and specific needs of the students.

The student teacher knows and applies theories, principles, and instructional practices for comprehensive instruction of English learners.

The student teacher knows and applies theories, principles, and instructional practices for the development of academic language, comprehension, and knowledge in the subjects

of the core curriculum.


The student teacher understands how cognitive, pedagogical, and individual factors affect students' language acquisition and takes these factors into account in planning lessons

for English language development and for academic content.


D. Plans Instruction and Designs Learning Experiences for Students


The student teacher draws upon patterns of child and adolescent development to understand his/her students.


The student teacher paces instruction and teaches based on evidence gathered during monitoring.


The student teacher learns about each student through interpersonal interactions.


The student teacher identifies students needing specialized instruction, using assessment data, classroom observation, reflection, and consultation.


The student teacher plans comprehensive instruction in accordance with content standards.


The student teacher establishes clear short-term and long-term goals for student learning.


The student teacher sequences instruction appropriately.


The student teacher plans lessons that match instructional strategies to content.


The student teacher plans to meet the varied needs of all students.


The student teacher plans appropriate use of support personnel.


E. Creates and Maintains Effective Environments for Student Learning

The student teacher allocates instructional time to maximize student achievement.

The student teacher establishes procedures for routine tasks and manages transitions to maximize instructional time.

The student teacher develops and maintains clear expectations for academic and social behavior.

The student teacher promotes student effort and engagement and creates a positive climate for learning.

The student teacher knows how to establish rapport with all students and their families.

The student teacher helps students learn to work responsibly with others and independently.


F. Develops as a Professional Educator

The student teacher demonstrates a willingness to collaborate with peers and members of the educational community.

The student teacher demonstrates an appreciation for and willingness to form partnerships with parents/guardians and community agencies that serve children and youth.

The student teacher demonstrates a respect for the value of diversity in a democratic society.

The student teacher demonstrates a commitment to high professional and ethical standards.

The student teacher demonstrates a belief that all individuals can learn and succeed.

The student teacher demonstrates a commitment to reflection and critical inquiry.


The student teacher demonstrates basic technology literacy and uses multimedia and technologies within lessons that support and enhance student learning.

Qualified candidates must be a current college student in an education program from a college that has an current student teaching agreement with Hopkins Public Schools.

Qualified candidates must successfully complete a full criminal background check prior to placement.  There is a $15.00 fee for this service. 



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