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If you are interested in substituting for Estes Park School District R-3 as a teacher or support classified staff substitute, please complete this online application form. Application does not guarantee hiring nor that actual substitute positions are available. Applicants are applying for a substitute pool, showing interest in potential substitute positions. If hired, substitute positions are not guaranteed and the lack of substitute work is not an eligible situation in Colorado to receive unemployment insurance benefits. Long-term substitute positions require individual re-applications and interviews.   
All substitute teachers must possess a valid, current Colorado substitute license or regular teacher license. If you have recently applied for a license, submitting a copy of the receipt from the Colorado Department of Education's (CDE) online license application site will be sufficient to get you started. For long-term positions equaling a semester or longer, applicants must possess a current, regular Colorado teacher license to be considered for placement on the teacher salary schedule. Please visit CDE's website at for more information. Substitute teacher licenses are granted to persons possessing at least a Bachelor's degree.
Estes Park School District R-3 hires qualified substitutes after an interview if positions are available and if the applicants possess at least the three-year substitute license in Colorado. Estes Park R-3 does not employ persons who only possess the one-year substitute authorization.
Substitutes for Nutrition Services (food service) must be able to pass a physical demands and lift test, at the District's expense. Substitute bus drivers are subject to pre-employment and random drug and alcohol screenings.
Estes Park School District R-3 pays once per month, on the last business day of the month. Substitute positions must enroll in the Colorado Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA) plan. No other benefits are provided for substitutes. Reference and criminal background checks will be completed for all hired substitutes. The Board of Education must approve substitute hiring officially at their next regularly scheduled meeting.

If you have specific questions about substituting in Estes Park Schools, please contact the HR/Benefits specialist, Kim Morris, at 970-586-2361 x3002 or via email at

  • Salary: 

Short-Term Substitute - A substitute on the same assignment or different assignments for fewer than 11 days.  The daily rate of pay for a short-term substitute teacher is $100. For a short-term substitute paraprofessional, the daily rate of pay is $80 and for a short-term substitute food service worker, the daily rate is $70.

Long-Term Substitute - A substitute on the same assignment for 11 days to a full semester.  The daily rate of pay for a long-term substitute teacher will be $115 beginning on day 11.  The daily rate of pay for long-term substitute paraprofessionals is $85 and the daily rate of pay for long-term food service workers is $80.

Full-Time Substitute - A substitute who is initially hired for a full semester to replace an employee on leave. Generally, a full-time substitute is hired for licensed personnel only.  The daily rate of pay for a full-time substitute is $145.

Long-term and full-time substitutes are expected to fulfill all of the duties of the teacher he/she is filling in for and may be given consideration for benefits determined by length of assignment. 

Substitute Responsibilities:

Responsibilities of substitutes are as follows:

· Dress professionally
· Report to the office of the assigned building at least 15 minutes prior to starting time
· Review the classroom teacher's daily schedule, lesson plan book, seating chart, textbook, and other materials
· If lesson plans are not available or inadequate, contact building principal
· Consider all records and information pertaining to students confidential
· Maintain a professional attitude
· Prepare a summary of work covered and complete necessary reports and grading
· Report any difficulties to the office/or building principal.

Application Process:

All applicants for substitute positions in Estes Park School District R-3 must apply online using Appli-Track: Paper applications are no longer accepted for substitute applications.

Thank you for your interest in working in Estes Park School District R-3!

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