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                                          ESTES PARK SCHOOL DISTRICT R-3
                                                            JOB DESCRIPTION
TITLE: Custodian
1.         Thorough knowledge of all phases of custodial operations, including floor treatment, operation of maintenance equipment, cleaning techniques and proficiency with hand tools. 
2.         Ability to work collaboratively with the Operations staff. 
3.         Ability to work well with other staff, teachers, and administrators.
4.         Meet and maintain health and physical status including hearing and vision. 
5.         Must be able to dead-lift 60 pounds. Routinely lifts 25-50 pounds. May occasionally team lift between 85 and 100 pounds.
6.         Must be able to work inside and outside, year-round.
FAIR LABOR STANDARDS ACT: This is a non-exempt position scheduled normally for 40 hours of work per week. This position is a benefits-eligible position.
REPORTS TO: Superintendent of Schools; Building Principal; Manager of Operations and
                          Maintenance; and Human Resources Manager;
JOB GOAL:  To oversee and coordinate the building's custodial program and to insure a safe and clean environment for both staff and students.
SHIFT:           Days. May involve overtime, flexible schedule, or substitute work for the night custodian.
1.         Reviews daily work schedules for self and Custodian I and II personnel (night custodian).
            a.         Prioritize and outline work schedules for self and all Custodian I and II employees.
            b.         Prioritize non-essential duties when Custodian I or II employees are needed for snow removal.
            c.         Outline schedules in writing, on a small map of the building and distribute copies as required.
            d.         Ability to use computer for e-mail, Web browsing, basic word processing, and completing work orders with the School Dude system.
2.         Team leader for the custodian staff in the building.
            a.         Help the Custodial I and II personnel to complete daily schedules, as required.
            c.         Insure that time sheet(s) and all pre-approved overtime sheet (s) are accurate and submitted on time.
            d.         Insure that required paper work and reports are filled out and turned in to the building principal concerning sick leave, personal leave, and vacation time, etc.
3.         Inspects school for upkeep and cleanliness, fire and safety hazards, and recommend custodial equipment and supplies.
            a.         Oversee cleaning practices of Custodial I and II personnel, and work with him/her to improve the finished product.
            b.         Respond to complaints concerning adequacy and deficiencies of custodial services from staff and keep notes regarding reported deficiencies along with documentation about correction of deficiencies. Share information learned with the Manager of      
                        Transportation and Operations and the Principal that pertain to the buildings structure/functions.
            c.         Report in writing any safety and fire hazards to the Manager of
                        Transportation and Operations Services and building principal.
            e.         Recommend the purchase of new equipment, in writing, to the Manager of Transportation and Operations Services.
            f.          Order custodial supplies on proper forms and insure that an adequate inventory of supplies is maintained so that cleaning services are not interrupted.
            g.         Become familiar with safety practices and see that they are followed by self and Custodian I and II personnel.
            h.         Become familiar with fire extinguisher and other safety equipment and know how to use such equipment.
            i.          Be familiar with and know how to use the building's fire alarm and security systems.
            j.          Completes a daily walk-around of the entire facility, inside and out, with an eye for safety, health and security situations.
            k.         Completes at least a monthly buildings and grounds inspection of the school and records it on the required form.
4.         Be a liaison between Custodian I and II, Principal, and the Manager of Transportation and Operations Services.
            a.         Report maintenance requests using School Dude online.
            b.         Meet regularly with the building Principal and Manager of Transportation and Operations Services and report problems or concerns he/she may have with personnel, supplies, equipment, health and/or safety.
            c.         Talk with teachers regarding their rooms and cleaning or maintenance problems they may have.
            d.         Report custodial and/or cleaning problems created by others along with possible remedies to the Principal, depending on the severity of the issue.
5.         Perform all custodial and basic maintenance duties as required.
6.         Substitute custodian schedule.
            a.         Schedule a modified schedule of approximately four hours of cleaning duties for a regular school day that are illustrated on a building map and written down so that a substitute can cover the position in case of absence.
7.         Recommend and know building health, safety and security actions
            a.         Know the proper procedures for daily closing of the building at night.
            b.         Know all aspects of the school’s layout, exits, locks, alarms, crisis and safety procedures, and rules. Follow Board Policy GBEB, Staff Conduct (and Responsibilities) and all other policies, rules and regulations.
            c.         Be aware of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all chemicals used in the building. Update and keep the MSDS in a binder in the custodial office.
            b.         Recommend health, safety or security improvements to insure the safety of the district’s equipment and buildings.
8.         Regular attendance, conforming to established work hours.
            a.         Consistently arrives to and leaves work at established work hours during days scheduled throughout the year.
            b.         Reports to work early or stays late, as directed by the building principal, for emergency situations, snow removal, special events, etc. Overtime, compensatory time, or flex time will be approved by the manager in advance to accommodate situations that exceed 40 hours per week.
9.         Create a good impression for the general public and staff members.
            a.         Maintains a neat and clean personal appearance.
            b.         Does not wear shorts during the school year. May wear shorts in the
                        summer, provided chemicals being used are not inappropriate for short
            c.         Maintains a neat and clean work area and environment.
            d.         Assures that building entries and interiors are kept neat and clean.
            e.         Treats all students, staff, parents, administrators, board members and
                        community members and visitors with respect and excellent customer
10.       Continued education and personal growth.
            a.         Attend approved custodial workshops and safety seminars for educational building sites.
            b.         Share information and procedures learned from workshops and seminars with co-workers.
            c.         Keep abreast of procedures and chemicals in the custodial industry.
11.       Monitor student behavior per building policy.
            a.         Report all major discipline problems to the Principal or Assistant Principal immediately
            b.         Report all vandalism or destruction of school property to building Principal or Assistant Principal and Manager of Transportation and Operations verbally, first, and then with a short written report, afterwards.
            c.         Know and understand building policy concerning student discipline.
            d.         Supervise students as directed.
12.       Other similar duties as assigned.
            a.         Perform other duties that may be assigned by Principal or Manager of Transportation and Operations services.
                        At will; Regular Full Time (230 days)
                        Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the policies of the Estes Park School District R-3 Board of Education.

Estes Park School District R-3 is accepting applications for one full-time, year-round CUSTODIAL position. Salary range is $14.17 to $16.02 per hour, with single benefits. The successful candidate must be able to pass a drug test, background check, and physical demands/lift test. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, eligible to work in the U.S., and possess a high school diploma or GED.
Apply online at Only online applications are accepted. Position open until filled. Contact Dave Coleson with questions: 970-577-0211 3401.



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