Tennessee State Board of Education


Tennessee State Board of Education


The Tennessee Department of Education seeks to make Tennessee the fastest-improving state in the nation through a commitment to continuous improvement. To do this, all students must improve every year, and those furthest behind must improve at a faster rate. We are dedicated to changing the trajectory of our education system through First to the Top, statewide reforms funded by over $501 million from the federal government's Race to the Top competition in 2010. Our strategic plan is focused on growth at every level of the system: the state, districts, schools, classrooms and students themselves. First to the Top lays forth a compelling vision, goals and plan for the future of education in Tennessee, with a renewed focus on developing and improving great teachers and leaders in classrooms and a commitment to student performance across schools, levels and demographics. In 2012, the state was awarded a waiver from certain portions of the federally mandated No Child Left Behind, allowing Tennessee to enact its own accountability measures to drive teacher effectiveness and student achievement. Tennessee is among the first states in the country to implement a comprehensive, student outcomes-based system of teacher evaluation, using the Tennessee Educator Acceleration Model, or TEAM. The state is also adopting the Common Core State Standards, ensuring that curricula in Tennessee align their education with necessary knowledge for college and careers. Tennessee has several programs to help professionals interested in starting their teaching career. Tennesseans with career expertise can transition into math, science or foreign language teaching jobs through the Teach TN program. There are also opportunities for military personnel to become educators through Troops to Teachers. To learn more, visit www.tn.gov/education.

Mission Statement

Excellence - We hold ourselves and our colleagues to high standards for our daily work and for reaching our goals. We actively seek and give feedback in an effort to advance outcomes for ourselves and the students we serve. We believe in the importance of continuous improvement, and we constantly strive for a higher level of performance in all of our work. Optimism - We believe in the potential of all Tennessee students to reach high levels of academic achievement. We believe that, in collaboration with our colleagues across the state, we can and will build a system that helps our students meet their potential. We operate with a strong sense of possibility that we can accomplish difficult tasks, and we foster innovation in ourselves and others. Judgment - We aspire to make wise decisions. Therefore, we seek input from a diverse set of perspectives and think critically about the impact of our choices. We use accurate data to set goals, analyze results, and to make changes based on evidence. Courage - We are unwaveringly student-centered in our decision making, prioritizing the needs of students over the comfort of adults. We align our words and our actions to the core belief that all students can achieve at a high level when we provide the opportunities that they deserve. We make hard decisions to improve the academic achievement and life prospects of Tennessee students. Teamwork - We believe that excellent teams, composed of high-performing team members, can have an enormous impact on student achievement. We value the diverse experiences and commitment to service that each team member brings. We strive to communicate effectively within teams and across teams, ensuring that we are successful in helping all Tennessee students reach their potential.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

The State of Tennessee is committed to the principles of equal opportunity, equal access, and affirmative action. The State of Tennessee does not discriminate against applicants or employees on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, age (over 40), national origin, sex, pregnancy, disability, veteran’s status or any other classification protected by federal or state law.

Tennessee State Board of Education

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