Andes Central School District 11-1


Andes Central School District 11-1


Andes Central was recently acknowledged as a distinguished school for meeting the No Child Left Behind criteria as set forth by the Department of Education. We, at Andes Central, offer a culturally diverse background of students and a wide variety of opportunities to help our students to make the most of their education. * Student to Teacher ratio – 7:1 Our smaller class sizes allow for increased one-on-one time and individual attention. * The Andes Central school district is composed of four schools. o Andes Central Elementary (Preschool-6) o Andes Central Jr./Sr. High (7-12) o Eagle Pride Alternative (9-12) o Lakeview colony school (K-8) * Andes Central Jr./Sr. High students follow a block schedule of 90-minute classes. This type of scheduling creates three time intervals within each class for a lecture, hands-on activities, and directed instruction. Technology: - Andes Central integrates a wide use of technology into the classrooms through instruction, activities, and assignments. - Andes Central incorporates the use of two DDN systems and is in the process of adding global classrooms. - Each teacher has a computer in their classroom, and sixty-four desktop and laptop computers are available for student use in classrooms and computer labs.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Andes Central Schools is to provide a learning environment in which students have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become enthusiastic life-long learners who are able to accept change and have a positive impact on society.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


Andes Central School District 11-1

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