Caroline County Public Schools


Caroline County Public Schools


Caroline County is located on Maryland’s beautiful “Eastern Shore” of the Chesapeake Bay. This small, safe, rural county is easily accessible to the Annapolis-Baltimore-Washington, D.C. metro areas as well as to Philadelphia and the Atlantic beaches. Residing in Caroline enables employees to enjoy a significantly lower cost of living while being in proximity to more urban areas. Caroline County is an outstanding school system with an excellent reputation for award-winning schools and well-maintained facilities. The ten-school, 5,300 student system offers a competitive salary and a generous benefits package. New teachers are provided with a variety of supports including an individual mentor, content supervisors, teacher specialists and numerous new teacher seminars. Many employees characterize the system as a friendly and professional environment in which to work, learn, and grow.

Mission Statement

In partnership with family and community, the Caroline County Public Schools will motivate and challenge students to attain educational excellence.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


Caroline County Public Schools

204 Franklin Street, Denton, MD 21629