Quillayute Valley School District


Quillayute Valley School District


Quillayute Valley School District (QVSD) is a public K-12 school setting with enrollment of approximately 1200 students.

Mission Statement

VISION Empower all students to be life-long learners. MISSION To provide and exemplary education by meeting the diverse needs of students and by preparing all students for lifelong learning and career or college opportunities. CORE VALUES Respect-Integrity- Commitment The Quillayute Valley School District Board of Directors value integrity above all. We agree to: 1. Base all decisions on what's best for students. 2. Demonstrate financial responsibility in all that we do. 3. Respect diversity and the individual differences of others. 4. Believe that student success is everyone' s responsibility. 5. Celebrate success! 6. Promote effective and supportive interpersonal communication. 7. Ensure a safe and nurturing environment where all are protected from violence, harassment, bullying, and threatening situations. 8. Build a positive culture by establishing and maintaining a strong, cohesive team. GOALS 1. The district will close the achievement gap. 2. The district will provide a safe orderly environment where individuals are protected form bullying, harassment or violence. 3. The district will show respect for cultural diversity and celebrate student individuality. 4. The district will respond to the needs of its students, parents, and community. 5. The school will use technology effectively to improve teaching and learning.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


Quillayute Valley School District

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