Manassas City Public Schools


Manassas City Public Schools


Rooted deep in Civil War history, Manassas retains her old town charm while supporting many businesses, including the technological industries of the future. Located thirty miles southwest of Washington, D.C., Manassas is one of the fastest growing cities in the state. An area of ten square miles, the city offers many new homes that coexist with stately old homes. Grand historical homes grace beautiful tree-lined boulevard into “Old Town Manassas.” Currently serving approximately 7,600 students, Manassas City Public Schools employs approximately 1059 teachers, administrators, and support personnel. During the past decade, we have been recognized for reducing dropout rates and for improving student academic performance. A core curriculum and broad elective course selections are offered to Manassas students. The city school systems consists of five elementary schools (PreK-4), one intermediate school (5/6),one middle school (7/8), one high school (9-12).

Mission Statement

Manassas City Public Schools, in partnership with the community, will provide an innovative, engaging, inspiring, and challenging learning environment for all students

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Manassas City Public Schools

8700 Centreville Rd Suite 400, Manassas, VA 20110-5700