Craig County Public Schools


Craig County Public Schools


We are a rural community nestled among the mountains in southwest Virginia. With a student population around 600, we have a community of learners and special attention afforded to each student. We are 100% accredited and have attained Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP). Our staff is among the best in the area. They are passionate professionals who are life-long learners themselves. We believe that each child can be successful and we pride ourselves on good communication and relationships with our community. Our main values of respect, responsibility, honesty, and accountability set the tone for meaningful learning. We are committed to excellence and believe that academic rigor, depth and complexity pooled with compassion and understanding creates an exciting learning environment for everyone.

Mission Statement

Craig County Public Schools adhere to the philosophy that every human being is of value, with the right to optimum development. The schools are committed to an educational process, which considers the unique needs of each individual student and assists each student in reaching his/her fullest potential to become a productive member of society.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

Craig County Public Schools does not discriminate on the grounds of race, color, religion, gender, age, or disability in the admission of or access to treatment or employment in its programs or activities.

Craig County Public Schools

6 Alleghany Circle, New Castle, VA 24127-0245