Florence County School District 02


Florence County School District 02


Florence 2 School District services an approximate student population of 1,153 in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. With 79 full-time classroom teachers, the district's overall student/teacher ratio is 14.6:1. There are 2 schools associated with the agency, which is classified as being in or near a rural area (Pamplico, SC). Florence County School District 02 allocates approximately $3,524 per pupil for instructional expenses. Pamplico is located in Florence County. Florence is situated in the heart of eight counties between the Piedmont and Coastal regions of the state and is the center for trade, industry, medicine, transportation, culture, finance, and education in the Pee Dee region. Interstate 95 passes through Florence, which is the origin/terminus of I-20. Florence County combines southern charm and easy living with all the amenities and exciting opportunities of big city life.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of Florence 2 School District to provide the opportunity for every child and adult to prepare for a successful life in an ever changing world.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


Florence County School District 02

2121 South Pamplico Highway, Pamplico, SC 29583