Lafayette Parish School Board


Lafayette Parish School Board


Welcome to The Lafayette Parish School System! We are devoted to recruiting and retaining exceptional personnel to instruct and support the students of Lafayette Parish. It is our goal to communicate in a straightforward and fair manner with the diverse workforce from whom our company derives its strength. We hope to seize all opportunities with a demonstration of excellence, a caring attitude and a sense of urgency. The Lafayette Parish School System (LPSS) is a public education institution for children in grades PreK-12th grades. We are one of the largest school districts in Louisiana, with over 5,000 employees serving over 30,000 students. Our goal is to provide the best education available to all students so that they can compete globally. Advanced Placement (AP) | Dual Enrollment | K-12 Education | Career & Technical Training | Gifted & Talented | Language Immersion | Virtual Learning

Mission Statement

Vision: The Lafayette Parish School System will continue to provide excellence in education for all students. Mission Statement: The Lafayette Parish School System in collaboration with stakeholders is committed to developing productive citizens prepared to compete in a global community. Belief Statements: - All students can learn. - The application of knowledge will lead to the development of functional members of society. - The system is committed to continuous improvement. - All stakeholders must be committed to high quality standards and expectations. - Quality education is the shared responsibility of all stakeholders. - Effective collaboration and communication among all stakeholders are essential to the success of our school system. - Diversity enriches our school system. - A safe and supportive learning environment enhances student achievement. - Professional development is an integral part of continuous improvement.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

As an equal opportunity employer, we do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender or age.

Lafayette Parish School Board

113 Chaplin Drive, Lafayette, LA 70508-2101