Freeport School District 145


Freeport School District 145


About 3,600 students come to Freeport Public Schools each day. We consider it our job to open the door of learning for each one. Located in the northwest corner of Illinois, Freeport School District 145 (FSD145) serves the children of Freeport (population 20,000) and the nearby bedroom communities of Cedarville (population 750) and Ridott (population 150). Today, FSD145 maintains eight busy school buildings: an elementary International Baccalaureate school, four additional elementary schools (preschool - 4th grade), one upper elementary school, grades 5-6 school, one middle school, grades 7-8 school, one high school (9th - 12th grade), and one alternative high school, as well as a smaller transitional education facility. Our dedicated staff of more than 700, encouraged and supported by the school board and the administration, works diligently to understand and meet the needs of each of our students.

Mission Statement

In partnership with families, students, and the community, we commit to creating an innovative, inclusive, and student-centered learning environment so that all students are equipped and empowered to choose their college, workplace and career path, while becoming productive members of their community.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


Freeport School District 145

501 E South St, Freeport, IL 61032-9676