Northwestern Lehigh School District


Northwestern Lehigh School District


Public School System Grades K-12. Consists of four schools: Northwestern Elementary Weisenberg Elementary Middle School High School Elementary-grades K-5 Middle School-grades 6-8 High School-grades 9-12

Mission Statement

Our mission is to engage students, employees and the community in a partnership to achieve excellence through learning! Northwestern Lehigh School District Shared Values “We believe……” learning is a lifelong process and schooling provides the foundation. all students want and deserve the opportunity to learn. effective communication is essential for a quality school system. schools can provide for intellectual, physical, social, ethical, aesthetic, and emotional development of all children. students learn best from highly qualified, caring, and well-trained educators. meaningful education can also happen outside the school environment. the utilization of technology will enhance our ability to be an effective learning organization. parents, teachers, and students share the responsibility to enhance the learning process. schools provide a safe learning environment that offers security, understanding, respect, and direction from caring adults. all students can develop the following life skills to thrive in a period of rapid change: communication, problem solving, higher level thinking, collaboration, information management, and use of technology. through the promotion of high expectations students are more likely to achieve their individual full potential. in the inherent worth of every individual and the importance of affirming and supporting that worth in others. all students have diverse backgrounds, abilities, interests, and needs and can be treated as individual learners without sacrificing the outcomes of the majority. students can become responsible, contributing members of the global community through their education. our employees all make strong contributions to the District’s operational efficiency through a positive attitude, focused efforts, and creative solutions. parental involvement in the educational process is key to a child’s success in school. our community is an essential component of achieving our miss

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


Northwestern Lehigh School District

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