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Walton County School District


Welcome to the Walton County School District! We are very proud of our 180+ great teachers that serve over 7,000+ students within our highly-rated 15 public schools! Come see all that we have to offer! Located in the heart of the beautiful Florida Panhandle and the Emerald Coast of Florida, the terrain of Walton County varies from rich farmland in the north to the some of the most beautiful, pristine beaches in the United States, along the south part of the county. The Beaches of South Walton celebrate a thriving arts community, award-winning restaurants, cultural and historic sites such as DeFuniak Springs and Eden State Gardens, among others. The destination’s focus on preservation welcomes outdoor pursuits throughout 25,000 acres of natural lands in five state parks. In addition, a commitment to managed development restricts new development to just four stories, protecting the aesthetics of the beachside towns. The area’s mild coastal climate makes the Beaches of South Walton a great place to live, work, play, and vacation year-round. Seasonal festivals and events bring a sense of community and excitement to residents and visitors alike. In the fall, our Autumn Tides program showcases the finest festivals celebrating food and wine, arts and culture, sports and nature, paired with seasonal rates to create a winning combination. Tourism is big business and has become an important economic engine for Walton County. It's not just those directly involved in the tourism business who benefit from a healthy, growing tourism industry. Our visitors generate the tourism tax revenues that help pay for things which benefit all Walton county citizens, such as schools, infrastructure, and many other public needs. More than half of the county's sales tax collections come from visitors along with 36 percent of the total county revenues. In one year, visitors to the area supported more that 10,000 jobs --creating local income and wages totaling $257 millio

Mission Statement

Walton County School District will be the best district in Florida by making decisions in the best interest of the students.

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Walton County School District