Center City Public Charter School District


Center City Public Charter School District


Center City Public Charter Schools comprise a collection of six campuses in Washington, DC known for small schools, small classrooms, and big successes. At Center City, we know that teachers are a school’s most important asset. Center City creates a community of constant learners with early dismissals on Fridays that are dedicated to professional development. In addition, Center City offers high quality facilities and equipment, small classrooms, and competitive salaries and benefits. We work actively to develop and invest in our greatest asset, our teachers.

Mission Statement

Mission: The Center City Public Charter Schools (Center City PCS) empower our children for success through a rigorous academic program and strong character education while challenging students to pursue personal excellence in character, conduct and scholarship in order to develop the skills necessary to both serve and lead others in the 21st century. Vision & Philosophy Our educational philosophy is rooted in the affirmation of human dignity. We believe that our vocation is to help our students use their gifts wisely—in harmony with others in our schools, in our neighborhoods, and in wider (even global) communities. We believe that our responsibility as educators is to develop the body, mind and spirit of every child because cognitive development is a multi-dimensional process that involves all three of these inextricably connected components. We therefore ask our students to use all three components when gathering, processing and acting on new information—ever mindful of our core values. In this way, we hope to help our students both nurture their gifts and face their challenges with equanimity.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

CCPCS is an equal opportunity employer.

Center City Public Charter School District

900 2nd Street NE, Suite 221, Washington, DC 20001