Bridges PCS (District)


Bridges PCS (District)


At Bridges we believe in the value of an educational experience shared by students of different backgrounds, interests and abilities. An inclusive education is beneficial to all of the students who have the opportunity to participate. Inclusion builds compassionate relationships among students, develops self-esteem in individuals, and develops the awareness that everyone has strengths and challenges. Ideally 50% of our student body will be typically developing, and 50% will have special needs. Bridges is an inclusive preschool and pre-Kindergarten program for children ages 3-5 years old.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Bridges Public Charter School is to provide an exemplary, individualized early childhood educational program for all preschoolers, with and without special needs. Our developmentally appropriate, family and child-centered educational program nurtures students and expands their skills and abilities, building a foundation for life-long learning.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


Bridges PCS (District)

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