Greenwich School District


Greenwich School District


Welcome to the Greenwich Public Schools! The Greenwich Public Schools consist of eleven neighborhood elementary schools (K-5), three middle schools (6-8), and one high school (9-12) with an offsite alternative high school program. Students are assigned to elementary and middle schools based on residential attendance areas. Three of the elementary schools and one middle school also serve as magnet schools, offering a programmatic choice for families (Hamilton Avenue School, The International School at Dundee, Julian Curtiss School, New Lebanon School, and Western Middle School). Tuition and lottery-based preschool program are also offered for residents and employees of the Town of Greenwich.

Mission Statement

MISSION / VISION Board of Education Policy E-000 states, "All District operations and resources will be directed toward fulfilling the Mission, Values, and Beliefs in word, action, policy, and decision-making." MISSION It is the Mission of the Greenwich Public Schools • to educate all students to the highest levels of academic achievement; • to enable them to reach and expand their potential; and • to prepare them to become productive, responsible, ethical, creative and compassionate members of society. VISION OF THE GRADUATE Established by the Greenwich Community in 2009, and adopted by the Board of Education The Vision of the Graduate outlines the individual capacities that, in addition to acquiring a core body of knowledge, each student is expected to develop by the time they graduate from Greenwich High School. 'The Vision' was established by a cross-role, representative task force in 2008-09, including teachers, students, parents, elected officials, administrators, members of the Board of Education, and representation from corporations and higher education. The task force gathered input from all stakeholder groups in the Greenwich Community for developing and writing The Vision. All schools, programs, and departments of the Greenwich Public Schools are responsible for aligning their goals, practices, instruction, curriculum, and/or services toward the achievement of The Vision: The Greenwich Public Schools are committed to preparing students to function effectively in an interdependent global community. Therefore, in addition to acquiring a core body of knowledge--which is established in local curricular documents reflecting national and state standards as well as workplace expectations--, all students will develop their individual capacities to: Academic Capacities Master a core body of knowledge Pose and pursue substantive questions Critically interpret, evaluate, and synthesize information Explore, define, and solve complex problems Generate innovative, creative ideas and products Personal Capacities Be responsible for their own mental and physical health Conduct themselves in an ethical and responsible manner Recognize and respect other cultural contexts and points of view Pursue their unique interests, passions, and curiosities Respond to failures and successes with reflection and resilience Interpersonal Capacities Communicate effectively for a given purpose Advocate for ideas, causes, and actions Collaborate with others to produce a unified work and/or heightened understanding Contribute to the community through dialogue, service, and/or leadership

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Greenwich School District