Rio Blanco Boces


Rio Blanco Boces


What is a BOCES? The name BOCES is an acronym for Board of Cooperative Educational Services. It is pronounced Bo-Sees. In 1973 the Colorado legislature felt that it would be in the best interest of the state to encourage districts to join together in cooperative ventures to help school districts save money. With that goal in mind the state formed the BOCES to provide specialized but required services to two or more school districts that alone could not afford these services, or when it was found to be advantageous to share the cost with other school districts. The state of Colorado currently has 21 BOCES. Rio Blanco BOCES was formed in 1976 to provide a variety of services to the Meeker and Rangely School Districts. By joining together through BOCES the districts were able to reduce costs; avoid duplication of personnel, training, and materials; and provide for a more comprehensive range of services and programs. Rio Blanco BOCES is governed by a Board of Directors. The board is comprised of the board members of the Meeker and Rangely School Districts. The Board of Directors appoints an executive director who serves as the person responsible for conducting the affairs of the BOCES.

Mission Statement

Rio Blanco BOCES is a cooperative educational service agency covering the Meeker and Rangely School Districts. Rio Blanco BOCES provides shared services and programs which supplement and support those of their member districts.

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Rio Blanco Boces