Moffat School District No. 2


Moffat School District No. 2


Our District The Moffat Consolidated School District is extraordinary for a small rural district in meeting the needs of families from diverse backgrounds. The District is committed to providing a high quality education that prepares students for college, work and citizenship. We have two recently built schools that provide families the freedom to make unique learning choices. The Moffat School, a PK-12 school, offers child centered learning in a traditional setting on a campus completed in 2015. The Crestone Charter School, a K-12 school, offers a program based on proficiency-based learning on a campus completed in 2013. Our Schools Offer... Our schools provide comprehensive academic programs based on state standards. Additional coursework may include vocational classes, online classes and concurrent enrollment at local colleges. Individualized Learning Our district's small size allows for students individual needs to be met through specifically tailored learning. A low student-to-teacher ratio ensures that students receive individualized attention. Technology Both Schools are equipped with a wireless environment. Moffat School has a one-to-one iPad program in grades 4-12 and Crestone Charter School is equipped with Chromebooks. This technology allows students access to outside resources for learning. Engaging Electives Music, Band, Art, Industrial Technology, PE, Weight Lifting, Mentorships, and Food and Film classes may be available to students in grades K-12. Support for Exceptional Learners Both campuses provide support for exceptional students including support for English language learners, gifted and talented students, and special education students. Sports Our sports program is in cooperation with Mountain Valley School District in Saguache. Sports include volleyball, football, cross-country, basketball, wrestling and track.

Mission Statement

Moffat Consolidated School District #2 exists so that our students have a safe learning environment with unique learning opportunities that prepare them for their future.

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Moffat School District No. 2