Meeker School District Re1


Meeker School District Re1


Meeker School District Re-1 is committed to "seeking excellence in all we do!". Three schools comprise the district's attendance centers, including one high school (grades 9-12), one middle school (grades 6-8), and one elementary school (Pre-K through 5). The city of Meeker and the surrounding area are served by the Re-1 District. Enrollment is approximately 720 students in grades Preschool through twelfth. All Re-1 schools are accredited by the Colorado Department of Education. Meeker's elementary school operates with self-contained classrooms. Traditionally the district has enjoyed a low pupil-teacher ratio. Music, art, media, and physical education are taught by specialized instructors. Special education services are offered to Meeker students through a joint agreement with the Rio Blanco Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES). Our secondary schools provide a comprehensive education program and offer an extensive activities program. Over sixty classes are available to high school students, enabling them to pursue skills in general education, vocational education, or college preparation. Education is the basis for the success of today's children and tomorrow's decision-making citizens. Students need to have a well-rounded knowledge of themselves and their world in order to be prepared for life. That is why it is impor-tant for parents and school staff to work together to motivate students to learn and be enthusiastic about growing mentally throughout their lives. It is a major job; but when people care, it is a job that can be accomplished. People care in Meeker, and the school system cares enough to be constantly "seeking excellence in all we do".

Mission Statement

Our Mission- To assure the highest possible level of success for each student in learning those things which we believe to be important in assuring each student the opportunity to become a coping, productive, and contributing member of the local and world community.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

The Meeker School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, creed, religion, national origin or handicapping condition.

Meeker School District Re1