Sequatchie County School District


Sequatchie County School District


This school system is a unified school district with three schools, governed by eight school board members who are elected by district and a superintendent appointed by the school board. Sequatchie County is located within the beautiful Sequatchie Valley nestled between the picturesque bluffs of the Cumberland Plateau approximately 30 miles northwest of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Rich in history and tradition, the area abounds with natural beauty. Waterfalls, lakes, rivers, and forests make this a favorite spot for hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, canoeing, sail planes, and hang gliding. Dunlap, the county seat is often referred to as “The Southern Gateway to Fall Creek Falls State Park.” Farming and coal mining, once a traditional industry in this pastoral valley, has given way to a diverse business community, dedicated to economic progress and opportunity for its children. Commerce includes manufacturing, retail, and tourist interest. Many residents work in the greater Chattanooga area. Additionally the county is served by many churches, a public health department, ambulance and rescue services, a 24 hour medical center, a public library, and a chamber of commerce. Wholesome values and appreciation for the natural beauty of Sequatchie County ensure our future generations a healthy and safe environment in which to grow and prepare for the 21st Century. Our major goals are community support, equitable funding, and diversified opportunities. Located in this section is a brief description of our three schools which are “Rich in Tradition…………Preparing for the Future.”

Mission Statement

Educators teaching and students acquiring the required skills and necessary information to enable them to succeed in tomorrow's world.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

Opportunity for employment, as well as continuation and advancement in employment, shall be afforded equally to members of all races, creeds, colors, sexes, national origins, and individuals with disabilities or veteran status with regards only for qualifications for the positions involved. SCBOE Policy 5.104

Sequatchie County School District

878 Cordell DR, Dunlap, TN 37327