Kingsport City School District


Kingsport City School District


Kingsport City Schools Guiding Tenets: Goals: ? Goal One: KCS will deliver world-class curriculum and instruction. ? Goal Two: KCS will provide committed and innovative educators. ? Goal Three: KCS will furnish safe, appropriate, and well-maintained facilities that support teaching and learning. ? Goal Four: KCS will ensure business operations effectively support teaching and learning. ? Goal Five: KCS will engage families and the community. Core Competencies: • KCS will promote and support exemplary leadership through the development of leadership programming and succession planning. • KCS will utilize benchmarking and formative assessments for directing and planning next steps in the learning process. • KCS will offer a rigorous curriculum and instruction plan that guides academics and reflects the system’s philosophy and expectations. • KCS will utilize instructional technology that enhances student engagement and achievement. • KCS will provide differentiated and engaging instruction that individualizes instruction for the learner. • KCS will recruit, hire, and retain highly competent educators. • KCS will intentionally provide instructional support that enhances the learning process. • KCS will provide embedded and engaging professional learning opportunities for all KCS employees. • KCS will enhance planning and instruction through the employment of professional collaboration and PLCs. • KCS will actively involve and engage its family and community partners. • KCS will utilize processes that focus on data analysis for guiding instructional decisions. • KCS will employ a performance improvement system model that supports and sustains the organization. Key Practices: ? We will plan for learning to occur. ? We will teach for understanding. ? We will assess our learners to determine next steps. ? We will incorporate problem-solving and innovation in teaching and learning. ? We will use internationally benchmarked standards to guide our assessments and teaching. ? We will sustain a collaborative culture with a focus on learning for all. ? We will engage our families and communities. ? We will recruit, retain, and develop highly competent educators. ? We will build leadership capacity within our educational community. Guiding Questions: ? What do we want students to know? ? How will we know when the students have learned it? ? How will we respond when students do not learn? ? How do we respond to students that have mastered the content? Kingsport is the crown jewel of an area locally known as the “Mountain Empire.” Located in the northeast corner of Tennessee, we’re surrounded by prominent mountains and diverse waterways.

Mission Statement

Mission: The mission of Kingsport City Schools is to provide all students with a world-class and student-focused education that ensures college and career readiness. Core Values: --Exemplary student learning --Guaranteed and viable curriculum --Collaborative professional learning communities --Engaging families and the community --Commitment to data-driven decisions for continuous improvement

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

Kingsport City Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.

Kingsport City School District

400 Clinchfield ST, Suite 200, Kingsport, TN 37660