High School English Teacher (#999521)

Posted a year ago
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Set high academic standards for every student in the class while still adapting to the individual needs of each child. Prepare lesson plans in advance that teach core objectives and principles that are relevant to future education, also showing students how this knowledge is useful in the real world. Teach several different classes of students the rules of grammar, punctuation, spelling and other nuances of the English language. Track and report performance data to determine where changes need to be made and which strategies and methods are working. Attend weekly staff meetings to address unique situations or problems with individual students so you can adapt your lesson plans to meet their needs. Develop stable, solid relationships with students with appropriate boundaries so they know you are available to help them when they need it. Promote parent/teacher/student associations and encourage students and their guardians to get involved in the community and in the school. Attend special events held by the school and engage with students and their parents in an appropriate, friendly way.