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The DaVinci Academy of Science and the Arts, an innovative public charter high school focused on a project-based student centered curriculum requires teachers that are highly qualified and motivated to work with students to achieve high academic performance. Our teachers partner with parents, administration, community and other teachers in collaboration of student achievement towards college preparation and program development in science and arts integration. Our teachers are part of a pioneering effort in public education and have a character of innovation and creative learning with a passion linked to their students’ success and growth.

We expect our teachers to have a strong education background with a proven commitment to student success. As a technology-rich project-based school, we require our teachers to be experienced in and comfortable with technology and the implementation of PBL in their teaching. Our teachers understand the mission and vision of the school, and meet the standards set forth by the school’s charter. Instruction and Student Achievement • Learn the curriculum. Our educational program is centered around the mission of the school charter: Project Based, science and arts integrated, high technology, and college preparatory. Our curriculum is based on proven research and cognitive science. Our teachers are expected to know the curriculum at all grade levels so they can ensure their students are learning what they need to know to build strong foundations and master new concepts. • Meet regularly with students to evaluate learning outcomes and plan resolution for students not reaching their goals. • Initiate cultural and academic outings for students to demonstrate a solid knowledge of state standards and testing requirements. • Research and create lessons that complement/supplement project based curriculum to meet the needs of individual students. • Assess student academic progress, performance, and attendance individually and weekly with Team Leader at team meetings. • Provide students and parents with regular feedback regarding student performance, progress, and academic needs, and respond to intervention. • Support students with special needs, including participating on IEP teams. • Prepare students for standardized tests and proctor site-based exams.

School Culture/ Consistency and Compliance • Model expectations the school holds for its students by exemplifying the role of citizen in the DaVinci community. • Support dress code with quick checks of each student in your class. • Create a classroom of high expectations consistent with the school’s mission. • Refer to TEACHER TOP 10 daily to provide students with reinforcement of school rules and opportunities. • Establish solid relationships with students’ families, opening up your classroom to parents and developing volunteer opportunities for parents and community members to contribute to our educational environment. • Organize orientation, training, and social and educational activities for students and families. • Community and parent outreach.

Professional Responsibilities • Actively learn and grow as a teacher. • Be dedicated to the growth and success of each student. • Build community by contributing to faculty portal, newsletters, outings, and events including rotating responsibilities to open houses, ect. • Participate in all staff meetings and professional development sessions. • Take part in other support activities and team leader assignments that will ensure th

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Davinci Academy

2033 GRANT AVE, OGDEN, UT 84401

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Student Teacher Ratio*

State Average: 22.85

% ELL Students*

State Average: 6.61

% IEP Students*

State Average: 12%


State Average: 338