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We are seeking highly qualified Science teacher, emphasizing in 8th grade and Biology.

This year, our small graduating class of 75 seniors has produced a total of 7 (seven) Congressional Nominees to the Service Academies (1 Merchant Marine, 1 Naval Academy, 2 West Point, 3 Air Force Academy). This would be an amazing feat for a high school with 500 seniors, but for 75 it is off the charts. And, considering this is a small Title I school with an intense College Prep, full-time Military has been hard work and we have a long way to go, though we are starting to hit our stride.

Utah Military Academy provides a full-time military environment with uniforms worn Monday through Friday. Our staff is expected to directly assist in fostering this military environment, to include proper military protocol and conduct.

Our staff are each required to lead an extracurricular program or class two days a week, after school. Our school hours are from 0800 to 1500, with the twice a week expectation from 1500 to 1630 hours. This may be a science lab, or a science related club, such as Rube Goldberg. Unique learning opportunities are encouraged and within reason will be supported.

On Fridays, we focus our classes on interventions and enrichment activities, to catch up cadets falling behind and encourage those moving ahead. We also release early at 1315 on Fridays.

We have aggressive goals of placing our graduating cadets into the Military Academies and ROTC programs at colleges and universities, with a focus on STEM, Liberal Arts, aerospace and computer technology. Our staff is essential in making this happen.

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